Monday, July 18, 2005

Job Post

I have many GMail IDs. One of them is really funny -

Send resumes of people in chennai, any degree.. This is for a eLearning company. They dont expect much, not even experience (however experience is an added advantage to your payslips). Only requirement, a very good Language Skill.

Send me the resumes faster. 15 - 30 positions available. Good Luck.

Important - Please type the Subject as "ELearning".


Narayanan Venkitu said...

nalla website...nalla thoughts..
Vazhga valarga.

specialdosa at gmail dot com.! That is me.!

Anonymous said...

NVNCBL is back! :-D

ranganathan said...

hey good one:-)

keerthi said...

thanks ranganathan. but no one has applied for it so far.
looks like unemplyment is no more an issue.

Anonymous said...

Hi, are u serious, I have a few people in Mumbai. Would that work?

keerthi said...

Promita (what does your name mean).. Sorry, i guess the opening is only for chennai.

It doesnt look like that "work from anywhere" job. However will let you know if any. (BTW, Your email please)

Anonymous said...

I have a team of people in Mumbai, we can take on E-Learning projects...already doing for some overseas if anything in the let me
..i had this same question till about 2 yrs back...finally i know...Promita means..."decided"...feminine version of the sanskrit word "promit" close as i cld get :)...

keerthi said...

promita. will route your question to my friend.
and thanks for the name description. nice name.