Sunday, July 17, 2005

Monday Morning Misery

Monday Mornings are always Mysteriously Miserable. This is my wallpaper both at work and office.

[pic ctsy - digit/garfield ]

Miserable for one simple reason. This is the transition where you decide, whether you surrender to laziness or buy some expensive briskness. Either ways, Boss's mail is waiting in your inbox. So keep it moving, and quit to work. The Secret of winning mondays is to quickly wake up, and before you realize anything, be on your way to work. (this did not work for me.. you try it and let me know).

Hey, Here's something interesting. About the Fall of Hollywood.
MarginalRevolutions has an article on why Hollywood fail to impress this year. The Hypothesis is as follows.

1. Hollywood cannot control its marketing costs or star salaries. The growing importance of DVDs increases the "needle in the haystack" problem for any single film and thus locks studios into more marketing, creating a vicious spiral.

2. TV is now so much better, and offers artists greater creative freedom. Why watch movies?

3. The Internet is outcompeting cinema, whether at the multiplex or on DVD.

4. Big TV screens are keeping people at home, which lowers box office receipts. This also hurts the long-term prospects of many DVDs.

5. The demand for DVDs has fallen because movie lovers have completed their core collections, just as the demands for classical CDs have fallen.

5. The demand for DVDs was due to fall in any case. Forget the collectors, you buy DVDs to have a stock on hand so you don't have to run out to the video store on short notice.

If thats the case for Hollywood, where are we. I think Jollywood has been through this already. Only the DVD part is missing. Otherwise, I should say, Jollywood has survived the revolution.

What Say ?


Ram.C said...

Monday syndrome.... LOL..

I was planning to make a post on it.. Now that u have posted, I will postpone mine for an indefinite period!!!

keerthi said...

Ram, welcome to my world..BTW, do post it. It will sure be worth a laugh..

Anonymous said...

both at work and office?? So you dont work at the office?

keerthi said...

he he he !! Hello Mr. Anonymous, see.. this is what manday morning does to me..

read it as "both at Work and at home".. BTW how did you know that I dont work at my office. you should be from eFunds.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

OH...Tell me about it..!! Mondays...they suck.! I wish they had 2 tuesdays.!

About TV today, I have to agree, thanks for whatever happened to Cinema, TV is a lot better.

Only issue is the serials and the theme.! I hate to see some woman crying all the time, In-laws being bashed.!

I would watch a good TV program than go for these movies...which suck big time ( baring a few).

keerthi said...

good idea Venkittu sir, 2 tuesdays. Super

ranganathan said...

school-lende enakku allergy pa:-)
monday is not my day, u see:-)

athu sari, hollywood-kum monday-kkum ethaachum sambandama:-)