Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Mumbai - Stand Still Life

[click to view larger - Pic ctsy - Raghu ]

That is a picture of Mumbai Dombevilli Station. Do you see the tracks in between. If you cant see them, then you are witnessing the heaviest rainfall in Mumbai. Thats so devastating that it has taken Mumbai Life to a stand still.

My project mates in their offices are still in office, and no way back to home, for the past 2 days.
Is Chennai anywere closer. I dont think so.


tt_giant said...

so sad man.. it seems this rainfall set a record for the heaviest in a day.. 37.1 inches.. in a day!!!!!. in arizona, it rains 1-2 inches a YEAR.

iyarkayin seetram.. but what is more ironical is, it is because of man's arrogance to natrl. resources which is causing all this. Our prayers to all our bros and sis there.

tt_giant said...

btw, i am linking your blog to mine. no such formalities reqd. for doing vice versa. :-)

keerthi said...

hmm.. you know what Deepak.. still my friend is stranded at office. 3rd day.

but this kind of rain is usual in Mumbai. only its a bit stronger this time.

and thanks for the link.. :)