Tuesday, July 12, 2005

No Man's Land

For the past few days, I've been subject to a lot of movie watching. The last movie watched was so very different. So Very Different. It was like watching a Award Winning Malayalam Movie. If I reccommend this movie to you, and you in a happy mood watch this movie, then the after-effects are unimaginable ;)

No Man's Land. Written and Directed by Danis Tanovic. (Thats just a info.. I dont remember hard names). This is a war movie. Where most of the movie is not showing up any fight between the armed troops, but is a light story of a Man, and his friend - who has been booby trapped, and another Guy from the enemy-troops. All three of them are stranded on a trench. Each one's life at other's mercy.

Serbia Vs Bosnia. A beautiful arguement happens between the enemy guys, Thanks to all the technology for inventing sub-titles. They both fight fiersomely, and at every stage try to kill each other. The UN then intervenes, but they could do nothing. Then comes the saddest part. The power of politics. The UN even, in its corrupted minds, leaves the booby-trapped guy, alone with the mine. And the movie ends.

Dont be surprised, if you dont find a Climax. Have you seen a Sine Curve. Imagine a Sine Curve, that goes on a straight line. No Ups and Downs (Technically not a sine curve). Thats the way the movie travels. FLAT. Flat screenplay, no twists. Absolutely Flat.

Besides all these, there is Black Humour that brings a grin and a smile at times. You get a different experience watching these movies. This one is a masterpiece.


sen said...

i watched it last year.It is indeed a nive movie.This was the movie that beat laagan in the oscar best film category.

Krithiga said...

You are watching hell lot of movies on my 'to-be-seen' list. Where do you get those from? Black Humour rocks. Dunno if you've heard of Dr. Strangelove. That's one awesome film.

GP said...

I saw that movie too.. Understood why Lagaan lost.. The man on the mine.. I thought for so many days what would have happened to him.. what a way to live (and die..)

keerthi said...

Senthil, see you guys get to watch the movie early.. I do it really late. Anyways, suggest me some good movies.

Krithika, Will hunt for Dr. Strangelove. I get the movies from my friends, just like you. When are you giving me your CDs ?? BTW i should also ask JD for that.

GP, The end was pathetic. Imagine yourself on that mine. I would have moved long back (when it started itching).

Krithiga said...

I have Shawshank Redemption, Road to Perdition and Swades CDs. Dr. Strangelove I borrowed (No one seems to possess it as it's a black and white, old, old film). Let me know if it's possible to exchange CDs.

keerthi said...

Sure we will do that. We probably ask JD to join us. That guy's got millions of bytes of movies. Will let you know.