Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Personal Google - Way too personal

Google Personalized search Home Page is gone through some feedbacks (including mine, but im not sure if my suggestion was even read)

Click the picture for the bigger version (shud be a 1280 X 1024 res). You should be able to see Lazygeek.net and Welcome to your senses on the Left.

Viola. Google has now provided the ability to add your own favourite bookmark and the RSS Feeds. This feature however is currently not offering the preview, as it offers for GMail. Probably it appears soon.

But then, hey, look. My personal page looks like my own composed HTML page, with just the Google search bar on the top. Doesnt look like a Google Search page at all, does it ? But then, it allows easy sneak peak of all the things of my interest. Firefox profile is saved with a few set of pages, of which Google Personal is one. So, the moment I open Firefox, i have all the subscriptions on one page.

Should try and put up all my Blogrolls on the Google Personal page, and check that out. By the way, did you see the Quote of the day in the Google personal page, "With most men, unbelief in one thing springs from blind belief in another.". Is Google, trying to say me something ??n>


tt_giant said...

one wonders what they would come up with next.

adhey samayathula, we also fear if they would cease all these services to be free!

Lazy Geek said...

hmm..thanks. And I added a link this morning but it never came up with posts. i think i didn't give the feed url. did you ?

keerthi said...

deepak, soon Google will search your lost Parker pen, hidden under your tables. Im dreaming on that.

Lazy, I did it with Feeds. Currently, it accepts only RSS feeds.