Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Power of Addiction

Internet Addiction is soemthing Iam into, and I guess most of us are into. I feel giving into some addictions are not wrong. But for those of you ethical thinking people, who feel being addicted to something is bad for morality.. here's news... Click Here

I check mails and blog and browse and download and chat and upload. Thats nearly 12 hours of the day. I am on the internet at home, whether or not i need it.

I dont really know if this is good or bad, but i have already felt the power of having it, sharing it, and owning it. I have sent one email for once and talked about it so proud for nearly seven months.

Anything and everything, we believe Google is going to give you. The Search terms that land on my site makes me feel so. People, including me are searching Just about anything on the internet. Once, someone searched for Margo Soap and it landed on my site. Wonder what happened.!!

Nyways, Sundays Uh ?? Ensoy yourself.. take a look
Click Here and Here. Real Good Animations.


keerthi said...

This comment of Thennavan got missed.. anybody know why it happened.

this is the first time i face something like this on Blogger comments.

Internet ennum bodhai
Tharume oru upaadhai

Adhan madhi mayakkam
Solla vidaadhu thayakkam

Nam neraththai adhan vasaththil katti pottu
Udarpayirchchikkum podume oru poottu

Idhilirundhu thappiyavar
Thangalaiye pudhuppiththavar


Posted by thennavan to Welcome to your senses at 7/04/2005 07:01:39 AM

keerthi said...

Wow ! Thennavan

I find you posting Short poems in every bloggers comment section.. great creativity..

keep them coming..

but enakku thaan vara maatenguthu..
any guidelines. ?

thennavan said...


Muyarchi Udayar Igazhchchi Adayar

Maybe if you move to the Adyar area, creativity thannaale varum


keerthi said...

By your statement...
Muyarchi in Udayar
Igazhchi in Adayar

so, i better go to Udayar (Udayarpalayam ??) for Muyarchi..

Ram.C said...

I was addicted for the last 4 months, after starting my blog..

Now i am trying to organise things in such a way, that the addiction is not a revealing factor. (atleast to my wife!!!)