Saturday, July 09, 2005

Run Lola Run - A must see

I usually put a word to god, before writing anything like this. Just a question of why Im not allowed to watch certain movies much earlier.. I got Run Lola Run just a few days back. But this time, I appreciate God for giving the Cd with sub titles. Thanks.

This is a 20 minute movie. But repeated thrice. Each time you get a different story. Same Characters, and different sequences, and devastatingly different end points. This is the mother of all Screenplays like 12B, Virumandi. This movie is pretty old - 1998 released. Now you understand why I have a conflict with God.

The Story is very ordinary, and characters are not justified.. meaning Hero is not a good guy.. Heroine is not beautiful.. There is no Villain. Actually, in all the three sequences shown, each person perhaps becomes a villain. This will show you clearly how circumstances make a man do things in a hasty way. I guess everyone of you reading this would have watched this movie already.

If not, I recommend you to watch it. Have P2P ? Take a DVD Rip and download it.


The One said...

Looks like u are advocating piracy dude! Please stop it before big brother takes note of it...

keerthi said...

Hello Mr. One,

Whoops ! You mean "Adakki Vaasi".. OK. taken

sen said...

run lola run was received very well for its structure.See Christopher nollan's "momento" one of a kind movie.very different structure.but dont curse me if u didn't like it.

BTW 12B was inspired by a movie called Sliding doors.