Saturday, July 16, 2005

Still Crazy on Invites

Take a look at this- ~An Advertisement on eBay.In~


How does this sound ? Well, there were times when crazy things were exchanged on GMailSwap(Site now not operational) . I personally got my gmail ID after mailing a guy one Pencil art of mine. I was very early to get my GMail. I have nearly shell out 120+ invitations of GMail and almost everyone around me now own a GMail ID.

Even though GMail has not gone public, it is generous to fill our Invite bags with 50 frequently. That doesnt make GMail reach everyone, however. Is there enyone who doesnt have a GMail ID here. Just give me an email - (its free ;)

ORKUT - is not my place. I was there actively for some time. But then the same kind of stuffs repeated again and again. (May be i subscribed uninteresting groups). Why should someone want a ORKUT invite.

I was on searching for some DVD Burner, just to analyze the market rates. Should fund this one soon. (Take a look at this)


Vijays said...

DVD burners are dirt cheap here in the US dude..THe best dvd burner out there is the NEC 3520 dual layer burner, and I bought one for just 40$..Amazing value for money!

keerthi said...

wow Vijay. It will soon come down. When I got my avyukta, DVD Burner was around some 7500.
Now it is just Rs. 3200. There is some kind of deffered updates betwwn india and US of A

Karthik said...
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Krithiga said...

These friends network are not for me. I was offered an Orkut account from a not so close friend, I only accepted because it would be rude otherwiese. That account is remaining idle now. I've never been active at Orkut.

Kaps said...

i'm not an orkut member. ur new profile pic looks cool.

keerthi said...

Krithika, great. Orkut sucks. Just another Yahoo Groups thingy.

Kaps. thanks.. that was inside my office cafeteria.

ranganathan said...

ippidiyum oru sevai:-)
ithuthaan nam thevai