Thursday, July 14, 2005

Why Mom's are the greatest

Picture CTSY - Ganapathy Tantry

If you'd remember, the last-but-one post had a very similar picture. Just scroll down to a post named "Shame" and comeback here.

You would be surprised (or not surprised) to see both the pictures look ultimaetly similar, but different emotions conveyed. I really dont know from where this guy has taken the photograph. But a brilliant effort taken. Gana says this picture was taken at the Gujarat Flood, exactly where the other photo was also taken.

Look at the eyes shown in this picture. 4 different eyes 2 different emotions. Look at how far your mom can go to save your life. She will do the ultimate sacrifice for you.

She makes sure you get the air in your nose, even if she gets water in hers..

What kind of affection a mom develops on her kid. Certain things in this world are unexplainable (you will find most of them on this blog). Being a Mom is one such thing. You couldnt understand the undivided affection and care and love and protection. Warmth.!

We may not be able to reciprocate in terms of everything, that our mom did to us. But we may have opportunities to Show back your love. How many of us utilize that opportunity.

Talk to your mom now.


The One said...

You *HAVE* proven to be a senti guy now. Keep up the good work buddy!

Ram.C said...

What a contrasting pic, compared to the one (police officer) which you posted two days back? Two different subjects, portrayed in two simple pics.

keerthi said...

thanks Mr. One. Is that a certificate.

Ram.C, oh yes. Both took place in Gujarat. Clean difference between Arrogance and Affection.

GP said...

Very touching and good foto and remarks, Keerthi.. Annaiyai Pol Oru Deivam Illai.. I always believe so..

They look like some tribes.. When will they ever get a good living?

sai thilak said...

good post keerthi. "Anything is only next to Mother's love".

lavsubbu said...


keerthi said...

gp, they certainly will. but only in their sense of what they call a good living.

sai thilak, 100% true.

lavsubbu, oh ! yes. Long time no see ??

Narayanan Venkitu said...

You touched my posting this picture.! Directly opposite feelings.! The other police photo and this.!

Moms are great...aren't they.!
Mine is miles away but in my heart always.!

sen said...

where are u getting these pics dude.Good one.

keerthi said...

senthil, ellam email forwards. 50% of days work is occupied with eMails. 50% of that time is reading and fwding the fwds.

sen said...

send me ur manager email id ??.I have to talk to him.

Me too said...

Very affecting picture!