Thursday, August 04, 2005

2 Photo Blogs - 2 Good

Friday Already. I’m trying to Quickly end this day, and go hug the seducing weekend. I have a backlog of movies still pending to be watched. Did anybody understand “Pulp Fiction” ? I watched a few scenes from it, but think I need a subtitle for the movie. Will post on it later.

Two photo blogs that recently caught my attention (this line got deleted when I first posted )

The photo blog of Magic Lens. The profile doesn’t say much about her (it says that it’s a “She” from USofA alone). But her photos say much about her (Dhoda !). It’s a vibrant collection of amazingly simple natural elements, enriched with God given colors. I’m awaiting to see more photos from Magic Lens. Been there ? Go Now.

Our Karthik has began his own photo blog “Memoirs”. His photo’s apart, he has implemented Google Maps in his site. The map shows the location of every photo taken. I don’t know what good it does, but then.. nice technology. Magic Lens could post the location of the photo as a first comment in her blog. (just a suggestion ).

I would like to start a photo blog too. Is it necessary that I have a camera ?


lavsubbu said...

Now you are talking! Pulp-Fiction is a must see film. Actually you need to watch it atleast twice to appreciate it ;-)

Karthik said...

Pulp Fiction is the movie to see dude!

BTW: Thx for the post and NO you don't need a camera to start a photoblog; some pics I took will be sent to you [remember our agreement?] ;)

Talk to me sometime, we will have GMaps implemented in your blog as well...


keerthi said...

lavsubbu.. ok, then i surely need a subtitle. let me watch it tomorrow.

karthik, about the camera, the last sentence was just a remainder to you :)

tt_giant said...

contrary to general opinion, i found pulp fiction to be over-hyped and pointless. except for some scenes, there is nothing great about it. i would rate reservoir dogs better than this.

both the photoblog sites are nice.

Magic Lens said...

Keerthi...i am honoured. I gotta tell my friends to come n check your BLOG to read about my BLOG :)
Yea...good suggestion abt posting the location details, will give a try.

Karthik said...

i know that was a reminder :P

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Do you have a camera now. If not why not buy one and start.!

I love posting my own photos.!

Ram.C said...

Without Camera, how do you want to start a photoblog? Want to hop around some websites... Copyright issue man, if you take too much.

have a nice seducing weekend.... appadi enna planoo?

Jeevan said...

Karthik's photo blog is nice
i also like to start a photoblog camara is necessary to start pho blog, there is any site for PB.

keerthi said...

ttGiant, Let me watch the movie, then reply you. How about Fight Club ?

magicLens, :) thanks for accepting the suggestion. and how about your real name ? any revelations.

kathik machchan, :) purinja sari.

venkittu sir, Iam waiting for a camera from Karthik. I dont yet own a DigCam.

ram.C, i have a new idea popping out from your comment. check back on sunday.

jeevan, Karthik's good. yes,. you could use Blogger itself for photoblogs. also should help.

Magic Lens said...

Keerthi..whats in a name? :)

keerthi said...

magic lens, :) ok. I take your idea of being on stealth mode. :)

cosmicblob said...

ML - good question..Think again! ;-)