Sunday, August 28, 2005

Are you having a Routine Life ?

Are you someone, who can throw away your bags - spread your arms - get wet in the rain - and do all the *all-time-tamil movies-heroine-introduction-song* stuffs ? How long can you do that ? Weekend is over. And Monday is back with an Axe.

I am surprised. Many people are having complaints about having a machine-like life, following stereotypic time-tables and routines all day long. You would have seen some middle aged guys talking to each other.. "Enna Sir Pozhappu idhu !!! arachcha maavaye arachchukittu"

I dont know, if Iam still immature to get those feelings. But, Iam happy to follow a routine. Everyday, from the morning till night (on weekdays) I behave in a very "this-next this-next" way. I get a comfort feeling practicing these routines in the weekdays, and weekends have no specifics (except the Anjaneyar temple).

Let us imagine this way. If you do not have a routine, and you are a surprised-package to every activity, life may not be interesting. What I mean is, you cannot be having a all-day-long-interesting life. Thats boring. Do you get the point ?

I feel Iam blessed to have a Routine-life. I dont want to do Bungee Jumping on a wednesday evening. I feel happy to fill my SAP timesheet and take the usual Snack and head back home. I think that is heaven :)

May God Bless you with a Routine-Life. (No Curses please !!)


Ram.C said...

Often, you are making posts on Monday morning blues....

Seems you are getting affected too much, with this syndrome

prasanna said...
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prasanna said...

You seem to have become an existensialist on the wake of Monday.

Sartre said, "Being is. Being is in-itself. Being is what it is."

Jam said...

Hey there,

I completely agree with you when you say that you are all in favor of a Routine-filled life. However, I guess it is just a reflection of either your basic personality or your current mood which dictates that you are in a place where you could do without uncertainty in any of its forms.

Your wanting routine just tells us that you are a person who likes order and discipline in his/her life, at least for now.


Prabu Karthik said...

very interesting counter point.

once i a while i want to break free. but that breaking free will give me relief/pleasure only if i do that once in a while.

keerthi one question - entirely hypothetical ok?
suppose if all of us come to know that we have only one week to live, will u and me be following the same routine life that we live now?i doubt.

what i mean to say is that is a possibility. same as the possibility of u and me coming to office next monday adn the next as usual.

Each day we all shud do something as if we have this only day to live and do something as if we have another 100 yrs to live.

rombo pesitennu ninaikiren. let me stop here:)

Chakra Sampath said...

this is an interesting point... i prefer to tread the middle path.. a routine life with some surprise packages then and there - but not always. thats my take.

Jeevan said...

I agree with u, I am also a routine life person. I do my every day work by a timetable, I have a time to watch TV, Read Newspaper, Working on computer and also for eat.
This is very interesting life I don’t get Bored. This routine life will be useful to Physically handicrapt like me.

keerthi said...

ram.C, Iam actually so very affected to monday mornings. Monday mornings can change your life. Did you know that ?

prasanna, existensialist - Vikatan padicheengala ? By the way, i will sit down and try to understand what the Being quote is all about. Thanks. Or could you explain it to me... (hi hi ! :)

Jam, NO. It is got nothing to do wiht Rules and discipline. read what prabhu karthik says.. "interesting things have to be done only rarely, to keep it interesting.." you cant be interesting all the time.. :)

prabhu karthik, hypothetic huh !! Living each day like the last day wont work Prabhu. atleast not for me. I work like "there is always a tomorrow".. MY boss wont like this attitude though ;) :P

chakra, thats good. Surprises are part of your routine.. :) kool !

jeevan, what happened to you ? do you mean physically handicapped ?

prasanna said...

Aama Keerthi,

AV padichchaen, Enakku therinja varaikkum Sujatha ezhuthi irunthathu existentialism kedayathu. Avlo theriyathathanaala naan Sujaththava seekiram mannichchittaen, Maheshthaan kevalama thittittirunthaan.

I was told that Sartre and Camus are very good for Beginners. I read The Stranger, I dont agree with camus over lot of things, But Mahesh is very sure that I would someday. Lets see.

Poruppillama vaazharathu kedayathu, ipdi routinea routineaavae eduththuttu varappora namma vaazkkaiya vadivamaikkarathukku paerthaan existentialismnu naan padichcha varaikkum purinjuthu. mmhmm.. ithukooda sariyana vilakkam kedayathu..

Sartre sonna maathiri sollanumna, "Existence comes before the Essence of life". "Being" quote kooda athai thaan solluthu.

Krithiga said...

That's absolutely right, the word excitement would lose its meaning if there's no routine.

keerthi said...

prasanna, thanks prasanna for forwarding those books. naanum Sujatha ezhudinathu padichen. i didnt know about mahesh's verdicts. neenga anuppina books padichu puriyudhaannu parkaren.

krithika, :)

thennavan said...

Keerthi, monotony can be comforting since if every experience was new, the flip side is that it is also "unknown" and so people have a natural fear of the "unknown". Taking comfort in the known has been a great panacea for humankind for centuries :-)

keerthi said...

thennavan, point made. "Theriyadha Devadhayai Vida , Therinja Saaththaane Male (or mael) !!