Thursday, August 25, 2005

Avyukta's B Day !

Click pic for a bigger one.

No. Not the birthday of this Blog !

Avyukta - name of Lord Krishna - means The Crystal Clear.
Aug 26, 05 is Krishna Jayanthi - Floating Holiday.

So My week is already over. Come home for Murukku, Seedai and more.


Jeevan said...

nice Photo
Happy Krishna Jayanthi

Chakra Sampath said...

hey hey... Happy Krishna Jayanthi!

> Come home for Murukku, Seedai and more

- Can't come now.. how abt sending it across?

Anonymous said...

wow! what a great pic. where did you find it?

keerthi said...

jeevan and chakra, thanks.

chakra, UK kku murukku seedai courier panna mudiyuma ? heh !

anonymous, the picture says it. you can get many more pics at

tt_giant said...

Yea, I am aware of the auspices of the day.

I remember making footsteps marks with my fist when I was in 2nd, 3rd standards. Ippo naan vechha, payee maari irukkum!. Ahh, those days..

Kaps said...

Happy Krishna Jayanthi.

Isn't Nandha Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja?

keerthi said...

Kaps, it was a mistake !! 2 songs had Ilayaraja's voice.. and i was carried away. Yes it is YSR.