Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Bits and Pieces

I have a 80 GB Hard disk, and now only 2 GB is free. Thanks to my friend (Karthik Balaji), I have a whole new set of movies to be watched. hmm. I need to fund this one soon.

BSNL Broadband users may need to note this up. We may have a free unlimited download, from 0200 - 0800 hrs, every day. Thats a great news (or speculation). Wait for confirmation.

Kamal's Vettayadu Vilayadu shooting has begun (thanks to Bala-Karthik on Sambharmafia). I hope the movie is directed Gautham's way, rather than Kamal's way of making films. Kamalhaasan badly needs a super-hit movie.

Tomorrow is Avani Avittam (and Varalakshmi Nombu). If you are not in Chennai, you may need this for Avani Avittam. Think the festive season has begun. Next week has Gokulashtami (thats a Holiday for me, woohaa !). Last few months hardly had holidays, and all of a sudden, we have an outburst. Thats a good sign.

Also take a look at this - 24 hours of air travel in the continental United States.

Have a great day.


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tt_giant said...

Whoa man.. Are u in the spammers list or what!!

My folks scanned and sent me the instructions for aavani avittam.. Thanks anyway.

Kamal's VV: high time it started. He had only been taking stills till now.

keerthi said...

deepak, i guess iam. looks like husge anonymous comments are flowing in. im looking at disabling anonymous comments on my blog. what do you say ?

tt_giant said...

hmm.. that seems like a good idea.. i am not yet facing that problem.. so. lets see..

Jacky said...

Good to hear VV has started. Kamal should stop writing scripts, keep his methavithanams aside and work with directors like Gautham, Bala and Selva.R who admire him. Now that he has clearly lost the Oscar/crossover baton to Aamir, he should concentrate more in Tamil and not make stupid bilinguals like ME.

keerthi said...

well said jacky. kamal should stop thinking that he is adhimedhavi, though to an extent he may be. I guess you were modest in telling bilingual effort of ME was stupid, it was deserving a even worser word.

Jeevan said...

In BSNL Broadband u have a free unlimited download times every day, but in Hathway connection I dint have that facilities it is worry for me.

Gautham’s film always have a romantic songs like Vasikara in Minala & Onedra eranda in Kaka Kaka like this any song will come in Vettayadu Vilayadu?

Jacky said...

Keerthi, Kamal is indeed an intellect but the problem is his excess adoration for European movies. Even during making of ME he was saying how it has a Spanish touch to it. What sells in Spain will certainly not run here besides he feels he has a moral responsibility to elevate Tamil audiences taste. Part of this blame should go to the media that is over hyping his movies! I feel after Thevar Magan and Mahanadi he hasn't done justice as a screenplay writer.

keerthi said...

jeevan, stick to hathway. never know what BSNL will end up after transition. And, Kamal's movies always have romantic songs. I hope you know that.. vv will never be an exception (or would it be ?)

jacky, he has done his part to elevate the tamil audiences taste, and certainly did succees in anbe sivam.

Chakra Sampath said...

it is during these festivals, we guys miss our place more & more..

fatwalleter said...

For a second when I got to ebay (from your sony dvd RW link), I was stunned when I saw the price of the Sony DVD burner. Then I noticed the "Rs." in front. Phew!!!

I haven't been to India for the last 2 years or so, but I guess from whatever I hear, almost everything that is released in the US or Europe is available in India within a short period of time. What are the prices of laptops/computers nowadays? I remember buying one for my parents back in 1999 for around Rs. 35,000 and that was a 333MHz Celeron with 64MB RAM. They are still using it but have lot of crashes and downtime (I guess they have a lot of viruses as well).

keerthi said...

chakra, try to celebrate it there. however, even here in india, people are celebrating less of these Hindu festivals. Only Valentines day and mom's day - father's day are becoming popular. Lord Krishna will not have many people to say Happy Birthday.

fatwalleter, laptops are a lot cheaper in india. toshiba pentium 3 256 meg ram and so and so costed around 40,000 INR. Things are available in India, i mean the latest technologies.. but they are real costly.