Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Cool Eyes

How do you like it. !!

Im eyeing on this Titan Fastrack eye-gear for the past few weeks. We got one as a gift to our friend. All the collections inside look cool and amazingly stylish.

Few pieces are even affordable.

I usually drive without helmets, and you guys know what is bound to happen. Cant help all the dust that disturbs the driving by getting into the eyes. So, badly need this one.

Click here to view all the product ranges of Titan Fastrack (eyegear section).

Last week, I was again in Titan world buyin a Fastrack watch for my friend. Some nice collections, there too.

One Quick question, do we have a plan to celebrate and project our Independance day, in some way on our blogs ? Someone come out with a plan. We shall execute it.


tt_giant said...

thats a cool pair of glasses. i have a similar one, although tinted differently..

independence day.. sollunga..enna plan ?

Magic Lens said...

Looks pretty cool, glad u posted the link..had a nice time doin 'window shopping' :)

I - Day, have a pic saved frm my last trip to india which am planning to post on that day, other than that no plans. Do let us know if u plan to do something.
will check for updates.

Magic Lens said...

forgot to add...check this link for a similar pic frm my 'guru' :)


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Shea said...

Is there any place in the US where those glasses are sold? I'd like to buy a pair

Jeevan said...

good glass.
You told I will drive without helmet, in chennai many of them are not wear helmet because to wear stylish glass for (“bandha” i do no the english meaning for this) its wrong.
I also like celebrating Independence Day with bloggers.

keerthi said...

Hey guys, i thought you give me ideas for I Day. We will wait till friday for a good idea. then we shall decide.

deepak, i got to get this one soon. i liked this tint better than another green one. pottu oru periya scene podapporen !!

magicLens, i did window shopping twice, in the last 2 weeks on Titan world showroom. you should see the way the sales girl react. She clearly understood, this guy wasnt going to be a valued customer.. huh !
and hey, thanks for the intro to "fotofication".. its another wow ! you guys seem to rock the photoblogs..

anonymous guys, thanks for the link.. so, this is what spam commenting is all about ? huh!

shea, im not sure. Think the website link might have some contact. :)

jeevan, yes.. i dont like to wear helmet, just because i dont like to. no bandhas.. i also hate to wear ties.. it kinda makes me feel uncomfortable. (bandha english word - show-off)

Cipher said...

Don't ever ride without helmet Keerthi...

And regd Indep day.. there is already a Virtual meet arranged.. visit

for info

keerthi said...

thanks cipher, for the link.
will try and join up.

helmet, let me see. but i hate wearing one.,

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Is this glass lens, polycarbonate? or what? I am clueless..Bottom line folks in India...please wear some sunglasses with 100 percent UVA and UVB protection. Pardon me...choose a nice pair..!

About the Independence day thing...I donno what to do.! NO ideas so far.!

Magic Lens said...

This is w.r.t the Indian independence Day, check out this link for the details for VBM on the occassion.