Wednesday, August 10, 2005

JIGINA (Dan Brown effect for Gajini)

Surya - AC Murugadoss - Harris Jeyaraj

The Music is out, and Im still on for MP3. :)

You will be surprised to see just 5 songs. And the album doesnt have a theme song. Thats a relief. Even Mumbai Express and Sachin had theme music, when the movie by itself followed no theme.

5 songs. Im already hooked to "Oru maalai Ila veyyil Naeram !!" sung by Karthik. Cute song.

Shankar Mahadevan and Sujatha voice to a song - "Rangola" with beats reminding "Thillana Thillana" from Muthu. Cant help it, huh! Worth a listen

Oru maalai Ila veyyil Naeram - Karthik. I wish this song gets noticed, better than others. Karthik's voice is very ordinary, and that makes it so very special. Im getting to like Karthik's voice for this reason - a very usual voice :)

"X machchi !" - Anupama sings this song, reminds Harris's own "Arakkonathil Aarambam" from Arasaatchi. Nah ! not again ! When it comes to Hunky music, i feel Music directors including AR Rahman dont strain themselves that much, and just place any instrument and completes the song. How long !! Give it a break, guys. BTW - Anupama has sung it good (few places are really notable).

"Rahatulla" - Nakul and Mathangi. Im not sure if this song has Lyrics in Tamil. Have to decode yet. Another fast song...

"Sutrum Vizhi" - a trend setting song. You may not like it the first time. But this one is cute, with Sriram Parthasarathy singing it along with Bombay Jayashree. Mild and wild song. Like it !!

Songs Good ! What about movie ? I have a greater expectation for the movie. Lets see.


tt_giant said...

havent listened to it yet.. raaga la pottangala?

i heard that this movie is a remake of "memento". that was an awesome movie (guy pierce, i think). lets see if this one lives up to it.

keerthi said...

MP3. Not raaga.
Memento - oh yeah ! the story seem to match with what i read on vikatan.. short term memory loss, surya has hints written on his palm, and hands.. something similar..

we'll wait and watch

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Thanks for the review. I saw the songs ..didn't listen at check it out.!

BTW - S. Parthasarathy is Srilekha Parthasarathy I think...she was here last month, along with Sruthi laxman, Deva and Unnikrishna. She sang well.

I like karthik's voice ( Ulaga azhagiye in Leysa Leysa was the first song I liked from him ).

Jeevan said...

Good Review, your information about Gajini’s songs nice. I think it will be a hit for Murugadass after Ramana. I like karthik’s “Eraiva” song from Baba.

sen said...

"Even Mumbai Express and Sachin had theme music, when the movie by itself followed no theme." :) funny...

Momenta..??.No way guys.When people dumped virumandi's narrations style itself.They will never be able to comprehend this one.Provided It is in the same structure as christopher nolan's MOMENTO.It is a movie where u will be clue less on what is happening till 80% of the movie is over.My guess the director would have bought some clarity in the story and 3 duets & 2 item songs to indianize it.

Magic Lens said...

i loved the the movie Memento, and after reading the post/comments it looks like there r traces of this Ben Affleck starrer 'Paycheck', of course for the memory loss and how he retrieves things frm clues he left.
ty for the music review now i gotta break some rulez to download the songs :D

Me too said...

Saare, kalakkareenga with your pictures(kannukku kulirchiya for me!) every morning! Anyway, thanks for the heads-up on the audio release.

Raju said...

mm.. nice review, fuelling my wish to hear it soon.. Heard Yuvan's new album.. Ok dokey..

keerthi said...

venkittu sir, thats where i dnloaded from. :)
S. Parthasarathy got to be Sriram, as it is male voice and the female voice is clearly Bombay Jayashree. I saw your post (your photo with Deva).
Karthik seems to be the future SPB. ;)

jeevan, thanks jeevan. That wasnt a review, however. It is certainly worth a listen.. why dont you try it.

senthil, i heard the director said in some interview that the audience cant understand whats happening for 15 minutes. :) thats short. Virumandi was an excellent movie... i agree with you.. if people could dump virumandi, then Gajini like this.. whoops !

magicLens, Paycheck also has the same story ? go ahead, and dload them. let me know if you like it.

aparna, Kannukku Kulirchiya ? you mean Surya :) or the cute eyes of asin that pops out ?

gp, Yuvans new album ? whats that ?

iyengarkatz said...


thanks for highlighting this music review. if not for you i would have wasted a precious few more days in knowing the music has been released. i say, not because i am a big fan of hj but because i am totally hooked onto suttrum vizhi and that really is a cool song!



keerthi said...

iyengar, Sutrum Vizhi is a classic song.
Im happy Harris Jayaraj came up with this trend-setting song. im looping it around.

VeeKay said...

IMO, apart from 'Oru Maalai Ilaveyil' ( Karthik rocks ) and to an extent 'Sutrum vizhi' others songs do not even deserve a second listening. HJ could have done better.

Me too said...

aang.... I meant the 'kannaadi' and 'papa' pictures!!!!

Magic Lens said...

I like only 2 songs, Oru maalai and Sutrum Vizhi. Donno why all the songs reminds me of so many songs i heard in the past...eng, hindi, tamil etc etc.
If i tell this to the MD am sure he'll tell....afterall we have only 7 notes to play around with and its highly possible u might find the similarity somewhere.

I do my share of piracy frm their files have more clarity and of course the DL happens in a jiffy.

keerthi said...

vijaykrishna, Those are exactly the songs i like too. I like the second one better.

aparna, heh !! wogay !

magicLens, Sutrum Vizhi rocks, evrytime i hear it. HJ has this habit of reusing his tunes (probably flp files ). Ilayaraja cant help, but resemble his older songs, because he has gone so vast. AR Rahman, even if he reuses a song, it is enjoyable. You know deva, never reuses his songs for obvious reasons. HJ has to do more of varieties to prove his stand. Its a question of survival.

and thanks for the link...let me try them.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Sorry..I checked the songs again..You are right...It was indeed Sriram Parthasarathy and not I mentioned in my earlier post.