Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Land of Angry II

I made a very old post, way back in November about getting Angry. Read it here.

But then, after that or eventually, I've had very less reasons to get angry about. Not that I’ve had a peaceful life, but it was close to smooth. I wish it continues.

However there were occasions when I was driven crazy and wild. Now when I think about it, I feel ashamed of the way I reacted. I think everyone of us, would like to have reacted in a different way, when we expressed our anger. Think about it.

But I am against the verdict that we should control anger. We can’t be dumb and blocking all the anger-lava within the crater. We have to express, and that’s the beauty of it. But How ?

I had habits of throwing things that were on my hands. “Whack” they go. (I don’t do that anymore, after I broke that beautiful glass). I still think I should be doing something wild to drive the ignited anger.

Many Yoga and other techniques to control mind insist on ways to control anger. Do you think that’s right ? Well, it may be. But the way I see it, I feel anger should never be controlled. Let Go ! Let the emotions flow. I think it is emotions that drive a man’s life. It is important to be emotional. You cant be practical all the time.

People these days are trying to be emotionally mature in the name of EQ. But then, at the end of day, we are what we are.

Next time you are angry, let me know how you handled it. ( I know anand will get angry by even reading this post :P )


gp said...

mmmm.. good one, Keerthi.. I think of this whenever something pushes me towards anger: Anger is one letter short of danger.

When I think about it, I realize that getting angry really doesnt help most of the situations... in fact, it makes them worse.. So, the better way to do is to DECIDE on what your proper reaction would be to that particular action and then DO it...

Chakra Sampath said...

Situations too play a role right?

When you get angry at home or among friends, perhaps you would be able to express yourself as you are.

Suppose if you get angry at your boss, how many times would you be able to express your piece of mind? Would your boss' PC would go the same way as that beautiful glass. :P

I was an angry young man few years back... it was very easy to provoke me.... but perhaps, as you grow up you learn to handle that in a better way. These days, i try to divert my mind elsewhere or just ignore it.. quite tough, but possible.

But one thing.. i'll definitely get wild if someone asks me to count up to 10 like a moron when i get angry. ;)

keerthi said...

of course chakra. the boss is always right.
to make things worse i have 3 bosses :) oh god.Im lucky so far.., you divert your mind not to concentrate on the anger. thats possible ?

Jeevan said...

when ever i get angry i will control it and afterwards i will cry and worried about why did i cry.

tt_giant said...

Hmm.. indha EQ ellam samma bajanai.. I agree with you. You are what you are.

I used to burst out when I was angry, but now I just sulk.

Maybe I should get a punching bag.

Me too said...

Do you know there are people who just won't get angry even when required? I (always)live with one(My father, my husband)! How can a person not get angry? That infuriates me!!!

keerthi said...

jeevan ?? you cry ? you really need some treatment. you cant be that emotional.. you might get depressed..

deepak, do you know "Ol Bajanai" heh :D..
punching bag la manager photo pottuduveengala ?

aparna, you get angry by seeing people who dont get angry ? thats a "What ?"

VK said... shldnt control anger...or atleast try to control ???...dude...thats not a good thing...imagine a guy angry enuf to murder someone or take revenge...shldnt that anger be controlled...cant even imagine the consequence if that anger was not contained :-|