Sunday, August 07, 2005

Newspaper Online - Literally

What is heaven ? Having a cup (Davara Tumbler in my case) of Hot strong filter coffee early in the morning, accompanied by the bits and pieces of information flowing in from the Newspaper.

Hope you guys saw the Ad promo for "Sunday nna Rendu !!". It kept me and most of us in chennai guessing.. what could the product be. I was having an impression of a coffee ad. Could have been Bru. But then, Dinamalar broke the suspense, right on time, without irritating us just like few other ads did, earlier.

I dont remember with which product this kind of intutive advertisements evolved, in India. Intutive in the sense, making the public guess about the product, on seeing an ad promo that doesnt display the name of the product.

I had a good email forward yesterday, and that gave me a link to a website, that displays newspapers as it is printed. This is amazingly clear in picture clarity and the fonts are good. This site displays all leading newspapers from mostly all the countries.

Economic Times, Hindustan Times, Malayala Manorama, Times of India, Times of India Mumbai edition and in Tamil - Dinamalar. :)

Click here to go to the site.


ada-paavi!!!! said...

i remember that ad, sunday rendu, express had a feature on tat ad!, kadaisila partha its for dhina malar!

VK said...

aiyo...thanks a lot..was looking for something like this...will check the link out now !!

Anonymous said...

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tt_giant said...

Super Keerthi... you donno how much this means to ppl living outside India..


Jeevan said...

I also saw tht ad in newspaper and in banners, i have doubt what is that, know it is clear of you

fatwalleter said...

That was just great. You made my day. Now it feels like I am back in India, reading my favorite newspaper. Thanks.

Krithiga said...

Yeah, the Sunday-na rendu fizzled up. I expected something more. And to know it was for a paper. This strategy is not new though. Starting from "Arjun Amma", "Ada" (Jaya TV) and so forth. "Hi" for (Hutch) started this first, I guess. Correct me if I'm wrong

keerthi said...

vatsan, heh ! I know what you were expecting.. ;) it was a disappointment for me too.

vk, im happy you enjoyed. occasionally i get these kind of forwards, that make some use.

anonymous, oh ! so, this is what spam commenting is all about.

deepak, super. i really liked the clarity. semmaya irukkulle !

jeevan, think you didnt come out of home for the past 2 days. same banners are now replaced.

fatwalleter, this one came to me as an email forward. :) im liking this too.

krithika, you may be right. Hi with a baby's eyes on Nelson manickam road, was amazingly awesome.

fatwalleter said...

Um. I did not realize that it was a paid site, I thought it was free. You get a 7-day trial and after that it is around $10 a month. Oh well.

keerthi said...

fatwalleter, yep ! I forgot to mention that.. you get seven issues (not seven days) free.. after that.. you change your email address. :)

Bruce Zedima said...

Great blog. Thanks for the links - way to Pay It Forward (per Steven's Way)!

KTF - Know the Facts

keerthi said...

bruce, im glad you liked it. Steven's ways good. Am reading them.