Saturday, August 27, 2005

Single Window - Curtains Still open !! No more crows

11000 Seats free. Counselling is over.

In my times, BE was so very difficult to get.

Duh !! This is how we can spoil the value of a degree..
This is how we spoilt B.Com and B.A. Thankfully B.Com is at peak these days.

The way I see it, MBA will rock for few more years..

After that ?


Raju said...

11000 seats free? Oh man... when I wrote the entrance exam there were about these many seats in the entire state..

yeah.. we are overdoing this.. we have become like Karnataka and andhra.. esp. the former.. it is time to let the other states people also to participate for say, 10-12,000 seats.. based on merit only.. not on money.. That would help the tamil guys to get friendly with Northies..

keerthi said...

gp, it is more complex than you think. 11000 seats are available in much of the useless colleges. The best colleges would have been full. If we include other states, then our guys may not get the best colleges.. and if we offer them the rest of the seats unfilled, they are not going to be happy about the quality of education..

i think this scenario will change in a couple of years.

Krithiga said...

"The way I see it, MBA will rock for few more years..

After that ?"

I guess the rat race for a course is pretty much cyclic. A few years back B.Com was considered dead, now it's getting due importance. It'll keep repeating.

And frankly, doing a pure science or commerce course is better than doign Electronics and COmmunication in a remotely located self-financing colleges.

Adaengappa !! said...

11000 seats vacant.....It must be courses like civil engg or less known courses...But Major rush for IT related courses....
But i guess,its the architect or civil engineer that designs and builds a corporate office that houses 1000s of IT professionals !! Irony !!

Jeevan said...

Most students are taken Electronics and comm... Engineering, 2nd is CSE and 3rd EEE. Pharmaceutical Engineering has fewer students. Next year it can change because of Supreme Courts order of Self-financial institutions to fill by them. But it will affect the poor and rural students.

keerthi said...

krithika, pointungo !! Keerthivasan Rajamani B.Sc MCP GNIIT [MBA] doesnt sound good. does it ? *the course within braces is under plans*

prabhu, guess what ? the best guys in Civil Engineering will go into Infosys and Wipro. And the average guys in civil engineering come into building houses. Now, thats Irony !

jeevan, lets wait for the next year. Hope all these educational systems changes and come to a equilibrium before our kids write +2 (ppppaaaa ! enna forward thinking ! kalakkittada keerthi !)