Friday, August 19, 2005

Sorry Guys - Vista may not work

Looks like Vista's minimum System requirements may not suit many of us. Take a look at those mind-boggling pre-requisites.

Minimum: mid-range 32bit CPU.
Recommended: 64bit CPU.

Minimum: 512MB RAM.
Recommended: 1GB RAM.

Minimum: GPU that supports DirectX 9 and has at least 64 MB of graphics memory.
If you are building a new PC, make sure you get a motherboard that has a separate AGP or PCI-E slot.

Minimum: IDE hard disk with a speed of 7200 RPM and a 2 MB cache.
Recommended: SATA drive with an 8 MB cache and Native Command Queuing (NCQ).

I am Sure the existing computers in India, most of them are equipped with a maximum of 256 Meg RAM. And of course, AGP is never there.

Avyukta meets the minimum requirements, but still I need to upgrade to see the glass :).


Jacky said...

I don't think MS ever said Vista will work on older PCs. In real time when you add a Firewall and Antivirus you would need more Memory and the fastest processor.
Except those Graphical improvements and Desktop search there's nothing for a common user. Desktop search – there's already MSN and Google. Graphical improvents – if you're too keen on a sidebar there's a free one available already.

Jeevan said...

good information

tt_giant said...

Hmm.. in any case, i am not planning to upgrade my OS anytime soon..

Do you know the cost of vista (enna peyro)?

Chakra Sampath said...

naan blog padikarathukku ippo irukkara OS podhum..

keerthi said...

jacky, you may be right. the graphical part, yeah ! but Xp was like that compared to 98 or ME. But at the end, Xp was robust than the other versions of Windows. I know many people hate Microsoft products, yet we need to admit XP still rocks. So, im just expecting Vista to be more better in performance. :) and yes, the sidebar - i installed it long back, in one of my profile.

jeevan, thanks.

deepak and chakra, guess both of you guys are using XP. well, give this a try when it comes out. Use pannittu sollunga, naanum try pannaren :)