Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Surprise Package - CDAC

Looks like every BSNL Broadband Subscriber has received a free copy of "Tamil Software Tools".

Released by the Ministry of Communications.

The CD Contains 100 Tamil Fonts, Bharateeya (Open Source Office Suite in Indian Languages), Firefox Browser in Tamil :) , Tamil Dictionary and many more.

This came to me as a surprise. BSNL also had given a small page-let that talks about various Jargons, Factors for Speed and few other things that will be of full use to the Novice Broadband users. :)

Way to Go !! Best way to stop piracy, is to sell the softwares free.

Whoops ! Will that mean - I should work for free ?


GP said...

Thats cool, man.. Somehow I dont like the translation "Software = Menporul"..

Jeevan said...

I also like to buy this Software where is it available, any site adress? BSNL Internet users are lucky.

Krithiga said...

Firefox for Thamizh! Then it would mean Good Bye to IE forever, on my part!

keerthi said...

gp, software = Kanini Sootchamam appdinnu vechchukkalaama

jeevan, it is free. email CDAC that you want one. Hope they will sned one for you.

krithika, Whoops !! You have Linux ?

tt_giant said...

Firefox in tamil!. wow..whats next?. Tamil Windows?

Keerthi: Google tools are free to use (well, most of them), but google pays their engineers!. Ellam ads and popularity thaan.. That would be the way to go..