Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Usshhh ! Private

Click on this picture, to see the bigger version.

[Pic ctsy- Boing Boing ]

You will see a Cubicle with PVCs and Cheap curtain cloths, providing the ultimate privacy to some worker in some company.

Why did we, all of a sudden, require this much of privacy ? I, personally, would require a lot of privacy when I know Im doing something really stupid. (which will be "most of the times" ). When I'am about to go crazy, I simply take a 360 scan, to find out no one is watching me. Also explore the possibility, if someone would after doing this. Unfortunately, most of the times, everyone will be watching me.. when I think Im done.

Probably, I should try and put up some curtains like this ;) This way no one will care even if I sleep inside.

But then, we seriously need privacy when thinking. Have you seen a programmer's face when he is thinking about some Logic ? Gawd ! I have. It is the most reactionless, close-to-dead face you will ever see. You will wonder if this person is alive at all.

Im wondering how I'd look.. but hey.. i never think logically ;)


Narayanan Venkitu said...

Keerthi, Endha oorla idhellam.!

My office FYI - All cubes are low..No privacy. Mooku kooda nonda mudiyaadhu.!!! :)

keerthi said...

Venkittu sir,
this shud be US.

Same in my office..low cubicles.
ha ha ! Mooku nonda mudiyadha ungal sOgaththai naanum pagirndhukkaren.

aanal eppovum, oru pencil vechchu kadhu nonditte iruppen :)

mastersvoice said...

Oh mann...Looks like a spl. maternity cube for pregnant programmers !!!

This might even inspire the cost cutting ideas of companies to replace cubes by curtains?!

Kaps said...

now I can sleep peacefully.....nobody can spot me.

Jeevan said...

good idea for thinking, in private

keerthi said...

master's voice good idea. we suggest companies to give 1 month leave instead of 3 months and provide a inhouse maternal department. (just kidding)

kaps, hey ! sleep is ok.. you dont need privacy for that. What do you think I do after lunch. Sugamo Sugam !

jeevan, try implementing this in your company !

tt_giant said...

yennakku paravaalla.. i have a separate room with door. :D

close-to-dead face?.. man.. my expressions would be akin to sivaji ganesan when i think (if i think!!!).

Ram.C said...

Your profile photo shows off your reactions (relieved) during your coffee time!!!

I hope it will be the same within your cubicle as well, while thinking for some logics.. (eventhough he made clear it that you don't follow logics)