Thursday, August 11, 2005

Whats your Time ?

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Few days back, I was showing off to a friend, that I never wore a watch for the past 6 years. The reply was, "Know what !! I never wore a watch in my lifetime". Well, ????

There are few people in my life, I have met or I have lived with, who had some crazy idea of manipulating the time. If it were 7.00 AM, their watches show 7.15 AM. With a intelligent smile they would say "I always keep it 15 minutes faster, so that I can keep up with time.."

Thats really crazy. They realize, everytime they see a watch, that their watch is showing a time thats going to come 15 minutes later. Whats the whole point in doing so. I dont get the idea.

Can someone explain, if there is something really a time-management Sutra in having your watch with manipulated time. ?

BTW, Double checked twith BSNL. The previous news on BSNL broadband holds good. :)
I can save Rs. 250 per month now. Wow ! Atlast some income.


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Rabbit said...

My alarm clock is usually set 5-10 minutes fast. It's the only reason I ever make it to work on time.

keerthi said...

whoopa ! are these comments spam ??

Karthik said...


Correct me if I am wrong, Rs. 250 is for 500 MB/month illaya? That's what I see in BSNL's tarriff details...


keerthi said...

machchan, Rs. 250 for 1GB download, a month. BSNL sitele podale innum.

naan customer center call panni kaettutten. so, thats how it is.

Anonymous said...

Yea setting the time ahead 5 min to 15 min fast really matters. For any work we do seriously, there is a manipulation in mind to complete it in a specified time. This helps us to complete it within the planned time, even if there is delay you can make it up. At least the mind would feel bit relaxed that you have got some time left out :) simple psychology

Jeevan said...

I like to do works in time, I keep a timetable. In my home, clock is 10 minutes fast, so we will do works soon.

Me too said...

"Time (and tide) wait for no man". But when you look at the clock/watch with manipulated time, you can say 'no so fast, my dear time'!!!!

keerthi said...

ok, interestingly everyone here has manipulated time. hmmm !
i think the mind is always aware that you are ahead of time.
that makes you complacent. i dont know, er.. whatever.

ok, Live with your habits.. my suggestion try living without a watch for 2 days.

VK said... is definitely comment spam !!...kadavulae...what next !!!

tt_giant said...

When I see the computer clock, my watch, my cell phone times, I just pick the slowest among all to go for lunch.. pick the fastest among all to go back home!

keerthi said...

vk, enna pannalaam ? anonymous comments thooki vittudalaama ?

deepak, LOL !!! going to lunch late ? why ?

tt_giant said...

oops.. i was meaning the other way around.. go to office with the slowest time, eat and leave with the fastest time..

Raju said...

Yeah, the catch is to 'forget' that the watch is running ahead of time.. Psychologically, if you visualize, say, 2 PM for a meeting, then, the moment you see 2 PM in ur watch, the awareness strikes, adrenalin flows and u are made to go right then.. I dont do that.. but thats what I thought when I heard people doing that.

In my watch, I have both analog and digital.. analog is always 2-3 min. faster.. so, I go by the analog time.. :-)

keerthi said...

deepak, heh ! you make a great worker.

gp, you have a piont if and only if your eyes are seeing 2 PM, but your mind doesnt say "wogay !! cloks fast.. 10 more minutes to go for meeting..".. btw, i personally like that watch, with both analog and digital (with those world map stuff..). However im not tempted to wear one.