Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Yahoo Local !

Click for a bigger picture

Wouldn't you love it, if you had a search like this ? (did you or did you not see the bigger version of the picture yet ?).

How long is it going to take to index the Chennai data and lay it down on a search. Google Local search is now slowly expanding to UK too. Chennai ka number kab aayega ?

One day, you might type in "Google Home" search engine - "My Black Socks - unwashed - Lost". And Google will return "One Pair of dirty socks found - under the pile of shirts on your second shelf". Wouldn't it be a sight ?


tt_giant said...

That would be cool.. soon, my friend.. just wait..

Chakra Sampath said...

for a moment, i thot its a real search.. realised it only when i clicked to see the bigger pic to check out the URL.

Jeevan said...

Like this really any search engine comes it will be really useful to people

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gp said...

Yeah, it should come true soon..

BTW, the first foto that I had mentioned earlier was the shaded one, with ur mush..

keerthi said...

deepak, which one !! Sambhar or Socks ?

chakra, :) Chumma ! damasu ! eppdi irundhudhu ?

jeevan, i agree. and yes, ash looks good. your graphic is cool man.

gp, oh yeah.. thats how iam.. this current pic was taken last year. :)

Arjuna_Speaks said...

Keerthi - I heard that we can ring free calls thru google..any idea on that?

Arjuna_Speaks said...

Keerthi - btw - check my site - u may dont want to miss those awesome movies ;)

Karthik said...


Did you get to checkout GTalk?



Krithiga said...

I thought it was a real one until I saw the nuances of the larger version. But the dirty socks - that's not far, now. I think it'll happen pretty soon, given Google's ingenuity.

keerthi said...

arjuna, whats your GMail.. we can talk through GTalk. my email is keerthivasan@gmail.com

karthik, Im in da.. thanks for the invite. the Gtalk box is amazingly simple.. and i tested the call feature.. The Sound quality is excellent. We'll talk during weekends. The world is gone so very small.

krithika, you are really an optimist. Do you realize you have to undergo a IR surgery to be a part of the Google Home Search Indexing ?? ;)