Thursday, September 29, 2005

Amplify your Musical Experience !

This is an Amplifier.

  • 15-watt portable digital amplifier for connecting personal CD or MP3 players to passive speakers
  • Compatible with any standard 8 ohm or 4 ohm shelf speakers up to 20 watts
  • Plugs into any portable CD, MP3, DVD, or other audio device with 3.5 mm input
  • High-quality signal compares to sound from most high-end amps
  • Runs on 8 AA batteries; measures 7 by 3 inches (W x H); 1-year warranty
BoingBoing's post - review to this product : " Warning: this has been the most thrilling and incredible experience I've had with a component in, say, 25 years of HiFi listening. This website has existed since 1995, I've reviewed hundreds of HiFi components, inexpensive and ridiculously overpriced ones. I never - repeat - NEVER came across such a stunning piece of gear in all of these years."

They say, it beats a $25,000 HiFi in Quality and features. This one is just a $ 30 item. Available here on Amazon. Someone could give it a try.

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Jeevan said...

It looks like a steblizer. can we buy this in chennai or it imported from foreign.