Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Bush wants to do something.

The Picture you see on the left (pic ctsy - Reuters) is featuring a hand that belongs to the Most Powerful Man on World.

George W. Bush writes a note to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice during a Security Council meeting at the 2005 World Summit. He asks "Is this possible ?"

The most powerful man needs to clear security permissions for everything. The security decides if he can or cannot do something on the public. He looses privacy. Am not sure about the surveilance on the Lincoln Bedroom (read Deception Point), but then I pity celebrities.

A celebrity would certainly miss the freedom to walk on streets.. They miss doing things they did when they weren't a celebrity. Most of all they miss privacy.

They are most certainly compelled to be moral. Why should Clinton's *leelais* be a matter of decision when US voted ? Why should Kamalhaasan scratch his head, when Sarika left him ? APJ Abdul Kalam is only one person we need to know. We need not know about "Mohammed Muthu Meera Lebbai Maraikkayar" his elder brother, whose name was not there on the Voter's list, last elections.

The moment they are on limelight, they are forced to expose their husband/wife to public. And from then on, the media focus is on both of them. They get up too close and personal, that one slight mistake is blown up to a mammoth conspiracy. It is a question to all of us. Why do we need personal news of the Celebrity ?

I've heard many people say, "I like Kamalhaasan on screen. But off-screen, I dont like the way he behaves.". I understand it is freedom of thought and speech that lets people talk like that. But we need to understand our boundaries. Who are we to talk of any celebrity beyond the reason they attained celebrity ? We talk like the celebrity guy is our neighbour. We talk like we completely know the protocols of the celebrity.

It is true that the celebrities need to be Moral, and be a guideline to others. But it is a mistake to expect. Dont you think so ?


Ghost Particle said...

now, this is a good write.

Jeevan said...

nice writen, powerful man was also want to get permision from security.

gp said...

Nach-nu sonneenga Keerthi. If some celebrity goes into a beach in swimsuit with his/her lover, it would occupy the cover of so many tabloids here. Some even point out "ugliest belly of the month" or " X doesnt shave armpits" and such craps. Always the price to pay for being a celebrity.

ada-paavi!!!! said...

uve raised an important question, do celebs need to set an example for society?? cetainly they do, because if u an i go astray no 1 is going to follow us, but celebs do it, or the act mite become acceptable, therefore celebs need to set standards. just they way ppl buy products they endorse, ppl will also follow them!

Prabu Karthik said...

super post keerthi!

how does it matter if kamal sleeps with x or Y? so long as he is keen to keep it private and not keen to publicise that and make money, So long as he is within the legal ambits, he should be let free to be his own self.

whenever i see a celebrity in landmark, i don't nag them for autograph etc. Not because i hate them, but bcos they shud be allowed that space.

Chakra Sampath said...

Very well written Keerthi.

As Kamalahassan himself said few yrs ago, "you are paying 40 bucks for watching my film.. blast me if you don't get your money's worth.. why do you try to compensate it by looking at me off the screen".. very well said and that applies for all the celebrities.

Its a different matter that many don't pay that 40 bucks.. ;)

keerthi said...

ghost particle, good writeaaa ?? imagine the urge !!! ;)

jeevan, yousichu paarunga !! kevalamana nilamai.

gp,thanks. thats why i dont want to become a celebrity.

vatsan, simple. You are a blogger. Let us say you become a great celebrity blogger... you go to a movie, and you whistle and do what not... that you do now, as a free person. Next day paper will show you a title "Vatsan misbehaved in theatres....".. think about it.

pk, thanks. i appreciate your protocol at landmark. Thats exactly what i want the media to follow. :) PK, ippdi thaan Osama Bin Ladenai kottai vitteeengala ?

chakra, thanks. i read that words from Kamal too. semma Logic party !!

ada-paavi!!!! said...

keerthi i wasnt speaking with reference to kamal sleeping with X or Y, that even normal people do but it isnt publicised, but if its kamal its publicised. i was speaking about things like Salmaan khan running over a few pavement dwellers or fardeen khan using cocaine, that i think, will make other take it up. if fardeen uses coke it gives the impression that using coke is 'cool' that means that there mite be a 100 odd people who take it up because of him. when it comes to kamal divorcing some one and marrying another i have no problems, its not like normal people dont do that, so why shudnt a celeb do that??

seems like we been speaking with different issues in mind!

Narayanan Venkitu said...

First - A celebrity is also a human being. We should see how he became a celebrity and then expect guidance. For example - If you take Sachin as a celebrity, he can guide you in Cricket which I can accept..but if he talks about things outside his arena, He might dig his grave, as he is is not the the authority on that subject, or atleast the world doesn't know that side of him.

Same thing about Rajini. Good actor, people like him, but is Politics his arena? Can he shine there? Same with Vijakanth etc.

I dont'expect anything from celebrities but atleast they can pose/say/do something good 'cause so many people follow them.!

Me too said...

In this competitive media-crazy age, it is that one sensational news that everyone wants to lap-up.

I have heard that some celebrities indulge in publicity stunts to be in the news and so they(and others too) reap what they sowed!

keerthi said...

vatsan, I understand your point. But, take a different perception. Be Kamalhasan.. you like the celeb status.. but do you like those Simran issues on first page of paper.. ? My Verdict.. Media should respect the celebrity with news about him on his celebrity reason alone, and nothing else.

venkittu sir, spot on !! exactly my point sir..

aparna, i've heard that too... thats a different story, again.. Hmmm ! eppathaan thirundhuvaangalo !

tt_giant said...

Just imbibe the good qualities of the person. Rest belong to "we-dont-care" category.

As GP said, a number of tabloids in the US do the exact opposite. But know what.. most of the time, you would find these tabloids in the restrooms. Just in case, the stalls run out of toilet paper!!.

keerthi said...

deepak... LOL.. Toilet papera !! either ways, i dont want Kamalhaasan's pic on a toilet paper,.

Ramo said...

Thats Right..

I saw a news in Kumudam that "Simran likes to breast-feed her baby"

God save us!!