Saturday, September 17, 2005

Jesus Hacks Blogs !!

Adengappa Prabhu gave his URL, and asked me to Click it.

Well, you can try it too... Click on the URL -
Dont try this.. Venkittu Sir found his computer slowdown on clicking the Link.. So, dont try anything on this post. Just take the Information.

Exactly. I asked Prabhu if he switched religions...(Sorry Prabhu for that), and thats when he told me about the TYPO he has made.

Human mind overlooks the spelling if the letters in between the word was interchanged. (My theory - Any Nobels ?).. By that theory I had overlooked the spelling of *Blogspot* in the URL.

So, that means any Blogspot sites going with the TYPOs go to
Even Blogpot entries go here. I went on a Google search on this potentially whatever issue, and found many people have come across this.

This is interesting : One guy who had mis-spelt his URL landed on this site, and he thought "God has Hacked his site"..... :)

Actually the pokes the nose on bad URLs and redirects it across to this site. So, Dear Blogger, when you pass on your URL, please make sure you spell the Blogspot part correctly.


Adaengappa !! said...

"Human mind overlooks the spelling if the letters in between the word was interchanged"

A theory of Brain and Cognition..An interesting subject..Part of my thesis too ..
Chk related link :here

Narayanan Venkitu said...

I clicked tring tring and it locked my computer...God has put a virus looks like...or atleast a cookie..! Let me clean it.!!

Jeevan said...

I dint recive you r mail.

i saw that site. i do no what is going to happen.

keerthi said...

prabhu, adhu unga thesisaa ? kadaisy Link to Steve Sachs excellent, man.

venkittu sir... Iam shocked.. Is your computer Ok now ?? I have update the post.. and so has prabhu.

jeevan, did something happen to your computer too >??

Krithiga said...

Typosquatting!!! Aarrghhh. I stumbled upon the same site too, after I goofed a url. It'd be better if blogger bought over the possible typo-urls associated with blogspot. It is becoming such a pain!!! And how come the computer slowed down because of all the hits?

Jeevan said...

Nothing happend to my computer