Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Life is different for different people

"Aridhu Aridhu, maanidaraai pirathal aridhu;
Adhaninum Aridhu, Koon Kurudu Sevidu neengip piraththal."

  • Avvayaar
On Sunday, my mom was telling me something that happened to catch her attention in the temple. She is an everyday visitor of a local temple, here. There used to be a guy who had lost his legs and spends most of his day time sitting on a wheel chair and loitering inside the temple. That guy has become the talk of the locality overnight - for a mighty good reason.

This person, despite his physical inability, has worked for weeks together (close to a year) and made a Ther (Radham) for the diety. The radham possesses awesome craftwork and impressive finishes. He has been the only guy doing the wood-work. Of course, he had employed a few people for fitting and painting. Still, he has carved every piece of wood on that Radham.

Today, he sits on the same wheel chair, looking at his work. You cant really express on words the feelings. This man, stands high !

Bottom line : The Diety made him sit on a wheel chair. But he has made the diety sit on a Charroit.

கூண் குருடு செவிடராய்ப் பிறந்தாலும்
நம்பிக்கை இருந்தால் கூண் யேது ; குருடு யேது ; செவிடு யேது ;


lazygeek said...

Wow !!

iyengarkatz said...


this one post is truly the best blog ive seen so far amongst any blogs!! if you remember one of our chattings, this was exactly what we discussed, what truly makes a blog great. you my friend, have hit the nail on its head!



Hari said...

Are referring to this temple?

Prabu Karthik said...

Wow...amazing guy

un bottomline pramaadhaam

WA said...


Jeevan said...

Great guy he is, impressed me.

keerthi said...

lazy, yeah !! wow !

iyengar, i remember your thoughts on how to have a better blog. Im trying in that direction. thanks Iyengar.

hari, spot on.. thanks for the link.. it is the same thing.

pk, bootomline credit goes to amma.

uma, yeah !! truly amazing.

jeevan, you are another example..

Raju said...

well said, Keerthi.. we keep comparing ourselves with the people around us and those above and always in the race, that we dont look at people who are physically and mentally handicapped.

Me too said...

What amazes me is this person's(and all those who have experienced tragic loss) faith!!

keerthi said...

raju, i personally know what is the pain of being disabled. I pity them.. but they dont really want our pity. They are much better than we are.

aparna, Faith keeps the world running. :)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

This man is great..!! I am always amazed by such people.

keerthi said...

Yes Sir.. amazing people.

veda said...

when i read this post,i jus couldnt help remembering my uncle.he lost his vision when he was four years old,but he came thro all his obstacles in his life.he did not get educated,but he can speak abt everything under the sun.he started working in a private company in a spare parts division and when he retired at the age of 58 ,i still remember the words his boss told us in the party.he said that my uncle had hardly made mistakes in his 30 years of work,which was a great achievement.i always wonder when he recognises us even by the sound when we walk.the irony is he has two sisters,both deaf and dumb,but he still manages to differentiate them by hearing the sounds they make.he got married and has a daughter who far as me concerned,i think that he is the one i could recognise as a role model,one who lived and living his life fully

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