Thursday, September 08, 2005

MP Wars - No. Not Politics.

10.3 Megapixel.

Okay. Relax.. Breathe..
Don't Gasp for Oxygen, yet.

$1,000. :)

Sony's new CyberShot R1. This Digital Camera of the Next-gen has a unique LCD that is foldable/ rotatable. That allows you to take pictures in angles you have not imagined. Its got 10.3 Effective megapixel, that could easily count the Hairs on my moush very easily.

Its got all the features of other Cybershots, except for the Electronic Viewfinder, and the state-of-the-art LCD. Take a look at this and this, so that you will get a real idea of what is so good about the LCD.

Rea a review of this camera, here, just-in-case you are inclined to buy this 10.3 MP. Just let me know, if you are buying one. I'd like a life size picture of mine taken.. huh !!

Wonder where this megapixel war is going to end. There is already a Leaf, manufacturing 22 Megapixel cameras. This would produce images that could be blown up to a size of a football field (says Gizmodo). Mamamiya !!

I know, people are not that interested in having an increased MP camera.. but then, the depth and colors (Sony Cybershot R1 has a unique color enhancer too) they produce makes me wait for a Digi Cam with a very high resolution capability. Of course, Iam waiting for the money too :)


Chakra Sampath said...


no! i am not gonna buy it! :)

Prabu Karthik said...

vendaam vendaam vendave dendaam
btw done my tagging response post :D

prasanna said...

Hey Keerthi..

This looks ok, I was never an ardent fan of SONY cameras. I am not going to say anything about this till I actually see this.

But one thing, this price range is very normal for these specs. To put it right, Sony gives the cheapest cameras among equal spec competitions. So dont gasp at the price yet. Save some breath till you visit the Nikon Site.

Jeevan said...

good information of next-gen Digital Camera.

keerthi said...

chakra !! UK poyum unga nativiti marale !! iam proud of you..iam a fan of "adangokka makka !!" ;) How about gifting it to me :)

pk, DSLR ?? adhukku idhu evvlavo better !
BTW, thanks for ending the tag-chain.

prasanna, appdiya !! Nikon poi parkaren !!

jeevan, vaangidungalen !!

ada-paavi!!!! said...

never fear keerthi, nan oru scam panna piragu ill buy and gift u a cam of ur choice, and ill also buy 1

tt_giant said...

yammma.. so expensive. i guess one really needs to know how to use it.. chumma show kellam vaanga mudiyaadhu..

for now, i am happy with my 3.2 MP cybershot..

Magic Lens said...

Interesting post,and i echo Prasanna's view on SONY and the price range.

WA said...

Nice review. Hmmmm, if not for the price tag....

keerthi said...

vatsan, super !! seekiram pannunga. enna scam ?? i love scam !!

deepak, appdiya sollreenga.. cmon, i think it is a child's play to operate. but, you say, we need to know how to take quality photos. 3.2 podhum pa !!

magicLens, yeah.. i visited Nikon's site. phew. looks like my photo blog is miles away from reality.

wicked angel, dont worry. join me and vatsan in the scam. !

Narayanan Venkitu said...

I read the announcement in some websites ( is from San Francisco). Might be a hit...! But people prefer to change lenses..and be more versatile...! With this camera that can't be done.!

keerthi said...

venkittu sir, you are right. My uncle had the smae comment, when i told him about this.. but then.. ennamo theriyala !! nalla irukku !!

Prabu Karthik said...


changing lenses funda laam pannanumna SLR venum..

Nikon's backward compatibility is legendary

The Nikon F mount was first seen in 1959 was still relevant till the mid 90s.

its not just a camera, its investing in a system.

keerthi said...

pk, i understand the power of SLR. But unga DSLR tenderai thaan naan kindal panninen !! :p
Ayyo anna, appadi paarkadheenga...