Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Now You See Him Work !!!

Now You Don't !!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the world of "Work Blinders".

The screen in front of your cubicle has a printed image of you working on your computer. But in reality, you could be Chatting with your friend, Updating Blogger comments or of course, you might not even be there.

So, don't you think thats useful ??

"Indha arivai velaila kaattalaam nu sollreengala !!!" I understand. Hmm.


tt_giant said...

super!. yepidi ellam idea panraanga!.

Seinfeld la George uses this tactic: although he wont be doing any work at the cubicle, he always has an annoyed expression when anyone passes his office. so that would look as if he is harrassed enough with work!. idhepadi?

gp said...

kalakkitteenga.. super idea.. Comment for ur last sentence: Kelviyum neengaley, badhilum neengaley..

Swapna said...

Nice one Keerthi...
Neenga try panitingalaa?
Pls update on +ves and -ves as well...it would help others to use it with confidence...:)

Chakra Sampath said...


years ago, when my colleague wanted to bunk from work, he used to open a screen with some complicated code, leave the monitor on, ensure that the screen saver doesn't come up, leave his notepad open and slip away.. others are meant to say that he has gone to server room/other team/canteen - whichever is appropriate and tidy up the things in the evening. It worked very well when I worked for R.

Seems that the world has come a long way since those days! :)

Jeevan said...

Nice friend. i will close the computer when i leve the room.

Krithiga said...

Wow, nice one. Very useful. Can help people out of tight spots ;)

Prabu Karthik said...

@namma office la idhellam thevai illai keerthi :). we can be officially 'relatively free' always :)

sen said...

where can one get this printed.contact info please :).

Kay said...

Nice idea...
Effort pottu atha print out'laaam edutheeengala ???

keerthi said...

deepak, semma idea...naanum kitta thatta appdithaan !!

gp, aamam.. "Kelvigalai nee ketkiraaya alladhu naan ketkattuma" Darumi rangekku aayidum namma pozhappu.

soap, naan try panna mudiyaadhu. My cubicl is not tall enough like this one. neenga try pannittu sollungalen.

chakra, ada, adha naanum panni irukken. Mainframe screen print-screen panni, wallpaperaa pottu, computerai lock pannittu poyiduven. :D

jeevan, close aa ? naan en computer shutdown panni 2 months aaradhu !!

krithika, pretty much.

prabu karthik, heh !! adhu settlement team pa !! en team completely free :P

sen, try your local photo lab. you try and let me and Soap know about the consequences.

kay, adhu naan illaba !! naanlaam indha madhiri panni irundhaaaa, nadakkaradhe vera !! ;)

Ram.C said...

you seem to churn out these type of pics very useful for workplace.. sometime back also, I rememeber seeing a similar one in your post.

good trick... to mislead people. LOL..