Monday, September 26, 2005

of emotions

"Hey ! Saw the baby moving, da !! The head is big"

This was a (or is it an ?) SMS from my sister, in Malaysia. How would you feel, if you were a brother ? I was flying despite my "Annalakshmi" weight. I got highly emotional. There was a reason I got emotional. For the past few days (or weeks) I have been witnessing quite some marriages to my Colleagues and a few others becoming Moms.

For instance, my Sister is now pregnant. Not a single day has passed out, without a war between me and my sister - before her marriage. Quite Natural. I have fought for senseless issues. Even when my mom and sis were crying on the eve of wedding, I yelled at them.. "Ippo enna azhugai.. ? romba scene podaadheenga". But when the Mangalya Dharanam was performed, you should have seen the way I cried. I did not realize I was crying, until someone said "Azhadheda !! Sandhoshama Iru.. Athimber Vandhaachcha !!! Congratulations".

A girl, who was in my life - my sister, is now a part of another family. And now, she is a mother. These days, Iam getting too-much emotional, whenever I hear from my sister. Men dont really feel the transformation. But women, after marriage, their transformation is significant. Think about it.


Prabu Karthik said...

wonderfully written. i was witness to the way my close friend cried when his sis got married.

Jeevan said...

You are going to become a mama, congrats friend.

tt_giant said...

Nice one Keerthi. Sometimes, it is just not good to keep emotions bottled up.

Congrats on becoming an uncle soon!.

Me too said...

Me getting emotional reading this post too! I often think about how close my brother and I have become after my marriage and to think that we didn't have one nice thing to say to each other before that!!

Anyway, congrats mama-to-be!

capriciously_me said...

congrats....lemme tell u thats its awesome to see ur sis bcome a mom...unparalleled...i am a proud CHITHI :D:D:D & u will be a proud mama soooooon :D:D:D congrats again :)

keerthi said...

prabu, Vikki Vikki azharadhunna ennannu annikkudhaan enakku purinjudhu !! :)

jeevan, thanks pal.

deepak, sometimes ?? i think emotions are always best, when left uncontrolled. what say ? Thanks, BTW.

aparna, ada ! ellar veetleyum idhe kadhai dhaana ? Thanks.

capriciously you, proud mama !! yep ! I already felt the difference. Thanks for Mama, and Congrats for Chiththi :)

Vinesh said...

Wow, padikkra enakke touchings!! The experience must be wonderful!

Is it gonna be a baby boy or girl. Are you gonna be an aunt or an uncle :-P

Silpa said...

I think everyone gets emotional. However, I think Indian men are embarassed to show it.
Bless the Baby.