Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Photoshop - Sutchamam

Would you believe me, if the above picture was taken last year ??

When people are trying to make Old photos new, I always wanted my photos to look old on a Old age monochrome with a sepia tints. Paint Shop Pro has a Aritistic filter that does that. But Photoshop CS 2 is my comfort zone. So, I was trying to download some Actions for Adobe, and thanks to Jenny, I got this Action file to generate Aged Photo.

Ever since , i started my Photoshop Blog, many have requested (dei, adanguda !!) to illustrate a few "how to"'s .... and here's something I wanted to tell you. Adobe Studio Exchange is one stop shopping place to find a lot of plug-ins for all Adobe products. Iam a frequent visitor for Image Effects Action page, to download all actions related to Image transformation, on a single touch.

All you need is CS 2 or any other version of Adobe Photoshop, a Adobe ID and one photo. Simply download actions, and Copy them to your hard disk and Try manipulating your photo. Worth a try :)


Prabu Karthik said...

$ yrs back. i was a regular at adobe. now this atn file sounds alien to me.

hats off man. u r an example of what genuine sutained interest can achieve...

keerthi said...

:) kadaisi line puriyave illa PK...(thannadakkamaaam!!).

kindly share more updates with me..

Jeevan said...

I like to change old photos to color but u like to change color to black & White. super.