Friday, September 30, 2005

Picture Credit - arodrix from my favourite site Worth1000. My area of interest there is Photoshopping, but photography and media contests are equally brilliant.

How do you like the picture you see here.. ?

Few things are never boring in life.

1. Running Water
2. Elephant
3. Trains

4. Waterfalls
5. Empty Railway station
6. Aeroplane take off

I enjoy being idle, watching any of these..
If thats something like a Crazy idea... I love being crazy. :)


Raju said...

suuuper foto.. kavithai madhiri irukke foto-vey..

Arjuna_Speaks said...

awesome pic dude!

keerthi said...

gp, semma picture ma. imagine yourself in tht situation.. spread out your hands.. and surrender to nature.. :)

arjuna, credit goes to someone else.. but yes.. awesome pic.

Jeevan said...

Photo super, it is a real photo are there is any graphic.

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