Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Seven Seven Things

Tagged By Jeevan and MagicLens (ML has a new Text Blog)

Seven Things U Plan To do Before U die
  • Actually there is just one thing I wish to do before I die - Live.
Seven Things that U Can Do
  • Can Do Resonably good Badminton
  • Can Do Pencil Sketching
  • Can Do Super-fast crazy drive on Nelson Manickam Road
  • Can Do Quick Learning (as long as there was no Exam on it)
  • Can Do Very Good Advices with good Illustrations (havent got any feedback for this)
  • Can Do Arguements on any subject, with a little knowledge
  • Can Do Instant identification of a Lie (not that Iam very honest).
Seven Things that U Cannot Do
  • Cannot Cook Food
  • Cannot Wash Clothes
  • Cannot Be Consistent on something
  • Cannot Watch the same channel for more than 2 mins
  • Cannot Tolerate improper lies
  • Cannot make a very long conversation
  • Cannot be awake beyond 10 PM and asleep beyond 5.30 AM
Seven Things That Attract U ToThe Opposite Sex
  • Driving Style (Scootys and Activas)
  • Hair Length
  • Dressing Sense
  • Foot
  • Smart Answers
  • Occasional Smiles
  • Ground-Normal Attitude...
Seven Things U Say Most
  • Muruga
  • Mhmm
  • thats f****** B*** S***
  • whoopa !!
  • Chariwokey ! (Sari, Ok)
  • I know !
  • Ayayyo !
Seven Celebrities you want to meet
  • Kamalhaasan
  • Maniratnam
  • Bill Clinton
  • Steven Spielberg
  • Usama Bin Laden
  • Sujatha
  • Jayalalitha Madam
Seven People Who Have To Take This Quiz

Here's the tough part. Yet, its in the spirit.. take it guys.. Im tagging you.

Do it when you find Time. :)


tt_giant said...

aaha!!.. enakku double aapu.

Anonymous said...

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Prabu Karthik said...

aahaa.... will do my bit friend.

ada-paavi!!!! said...

driving style u like cause neenga onga vandila ponnungala overake panni accident panna vecchi apporam help pannara madri pick up pannara ideava??

prasanna said...

Ushaara Jayalalithavukku mattum madam poattu irukkengalae, enna idea...

Ramo said...

J madam pathi comment pannalamnu vantha..Prasanna already comment pannitae..U r always fast..

Keerthi Sir ADMK va...Unmaiyai sollunga...2 minutesku adigama pakkura channel JAYA TV thane...

Ur blogs are current and informative.

Krithiga said...

Seri, senjideraen. :)

Jacky said...

J-Amma va pakkanum nu solringaley, Kaala vizhara Pazhakka irukka? Illana Appa,Amma kaala vizhunthu practise pannikonga! :-)

Chakra Sampath said...

romba naala indha tags illama irundhadhu.. thirumba arambichitangayya.. will do it in few days keerthi.

btw, Osama ku avar name a thappa spell panna pudikaadhaam. ;)

Jeevan said...

Super tag friend

I wish to do before I die - Live- super

Ammava partha 1st yenna kalvi(question)kappinga?

WA said...

Just the one to do before dying - live. So true.

keerthi said...

Deepak, Aappu adichuttangala ?? LOL !!

PK, thanks Pal..Avasyam Pannidunga...

Vatsan, ada ! Idhu nalla ideava irukke !! Jokes apart.. Accidentaa ...Venaamda saamy !

Prasanna & Ramo & Jacky,
I personally admire quite a few qualities of JJ. Am not ADMK, for sure.. Just interested to meet a bold woman.. Let us put it this way.. If I were given a chance to meet Ash and JJ, I'd meet JJ. Afterall, how long can you "Blah Blah !!"

Krithika Madam, Pinnitteenga Ponga !! :)

Chakra, aamaam.. dhideernu mulaichuduchu !! spreading fast.. take your time :) Appuram, FBI Records padi, USAMA is correct spelling.. (USA MA)!

Jeevan, thanks.. Appava paartha, "Sowkiyama ?" appdinnu keppen. Adukkappuram kekkaradhellam "Dina Malar" vaangi padicchu therinjukonga !

wicked angel, Oh yeah. Wish it is.

Arjuna_Speaks said...

I have reported Keerthi's name to the MI5, MI6 for propagating and wanting to meet Osama!!

keerthi said...

Arjuna !! I'd be glad to meet him. It will be thrilling to meet him. I could ask for a "30 day Pilot" course. :)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

NIce indeed and thanks for tagging me.!! My comments on a few points here

Cannot Cook Food

Cannot Wash Clothes

Cannot Be Consistent on something

PLease learn and make these to 'Can' before you get married ( Are you already married......LOL :)

keerthi said...

venkittu sir.. hi hi !! :P

adhellam enakku varadhe !!
enakku innum time irukku.. ungalukku dhaan theriyume !