Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Sky is Falling - CLittle

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The Chicken you see on the top is called Chicken Little :)
Semma Cute little character who believes the SKY IS FALLING.

This, ladies and gentlemen , is a new movie from Disney titled :Chicken Little:

Releasing November 4th. It is a real happy feeling i get, everytime i see this character. Download its wallpapers and animated gifs from here. Let us see, if it could beat my affection towards a stupendous character - Mike Wazowski, that appears on Monster's Inc.

If you havent seen Monster's INC, please trust me and watch it. Im sure its worth the money.


Raju said...

Thanks for the info, Keerthi.. Pixar have added a new dimension to Walt Disney's animated movies.. I love their recent flicks. Looking forward to chicken little.. :-)

Jeevan said...

Information of Chicken Little is super. Waiting for release to see it. the site is nice.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

I look forward to watching Chicken little. I like the trailors of the movie and I hope it would live its hype.!

keerthi said...

gp, Idhu Pixar Illappa !! just disney.

jeevan, indiala eppo release theriyale !!

venkittu sir, oh, you saw the trailers on TV ?

Silpa said...

Oh man, I want to see this movie too....this guy IS really very very cuteÑD. And the riddles that come in the trailer are very interesting you get those_ I just hope it doesn´t flop cos of the hype! Sometimes that happens `sighs+

keerthi said...

Silpa, Nope. We dont get those trailers (atleast im nt aware..)..

but waiting to watch this movie, asap.