Friday, September 09, 2005

Thotti Jaya - Setting Hopes

Me and my friends are up for this movie, tonight. Whenever we said someone, we are going for "Thotti Jaya".. there was always an expected reaction.

"Avan Padathukka poreenga ?? vera padame kidaikkalaya ??"

I was on the same grounds before "Manmadhan". I wouldnt say Manmadhan changed the way I looked at Simbhu, but it set a ray of hope that this guy could act.

Unlike Danush and the 7G guy (i didnt even bother to remember his name) who can never play roles other than what they have been recognized with, Simbhu stood up and showed some difference, atleast in my viewpoint. Manmadhan had too much of over-acting and sodhappal stuffs, but it showed some maturity in acting too.

Also, the trailer of Thotti Jaya was nice.. i want to see that Qualis hitting the Ambassador on the big screen. Should be a happy occassion (!). So wait up, will try to do the review of the movie tomorrow morning.

Prabhu Karthik already wrote a review about the Kuththu song in TJ.

Wish me luck. Hope the movie is good.


prasanna said...

Well, Hope for the best. We are doing the same today. So the wish is really heartfelt, for both of us. :)

tt_giant said...

Well.. all the best!.

And let us know abt the movie..

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Keerthi ..I look forward to reading your comments on the movie. ! I read PK's post as well..That song is a good one I feel...I also like the Ramesh Vinayakam song...Great Melody.!

Would like to know how that song ( Ramesh Vinayakam) was picturised.!

Me too said...

Edhukku thaan 'wish me luck'-nnu illama pocche ippa!! 'Vetri thilagamidugiren. Poi vaappa!'

keerthi said...

prasanna, appdiya.. neenga Simbhu faanna ??

deepak, sollren thalaiva.. naalaikku solren.

venkittu sir, will do it tomorrow. the camera stuffs were clean in the trailer., hope to see a good movie.

aparna, nandri thaaye.. nin kulapperumai kaakka vetriyudan thirumbugiren.. !

Chakra Sampath said...

ensoy pannittu vaa Keerthi..

so far, i haven't seen even a single movie of simbhu.. heard from someone whose views i can trust that this guy is quite capable of acting.. only that he has that foot & mouth disease... eppo paathalum over aa stmts vidaraan.. adhai kuraichukitaa nalla irukkum

Jeevan said...

the movie is good are bad, but the songs are good

i like the song Uyire Enn Uyire, yennavo naddakutadi... and Yaari Singari,Yaari Singari.

Waithing for your review, i too plan to see the movie.

Prabu Karthik said...

>>Wish me luck

unakke idhellam overaa therila?:))

actually innaiku naanum vatsanum indha padam parkaradha plan, i spoilt his plan and went for a long ride in ECR to mahabs :))

keerthi said...

chakra, simbhu has done well. we can start expecting from this guy.

jeevan, padam paarunga. romba nalla irukku.

pk, oh.. next time off for a movie, ennayum koopdunga !!

Jagan said...

hey ..mes too fan of simbhu ..after manmadhan :-) .