Sunday, September 04, 2005

Today - Muhurtham

September 5th is "Pazhuththa Muhurtha Naal". Quite a lot of marriages today. Being the first or second muhurtha naal after Aadi, marriage-dependant businesses are at peak profits today.

Yesterday, I was having a "Super-Kaara" Sambar Sadham at "Kuchalaambal Kalyana Mandapam", as a part of Lavanya's Reception. [Lavanya is my peer at work]. Next time you are thinking of a wedding(?), consider this Kalyana Mandapam. Boy, it is amazingly simple, neat and huge. No hassles of going to the dining hall on first floor.. and many other stuffs that irritate. The Stage is big, and the dining hall could accomodate quite a lot of people. One another great thing is the spacious parking. Have any marriage coming up ? Try this mandapam (dont forget to invite ;)

Another Holiday closing up. "Shri Vinayaga Chathurthi" is on Wednesday. I hate holidays on wednesdays... but then, I will take it [duh!]. Not much work to do, but "Gangs of New York" insists that I execute it on Wednesday.

May June July was dry.. without holidays, and at the break of August, there's been a series of holidays. I just remember the Prabhu Deva Song.. "April Mayiley ; Pasumaye Illey ; Kanju Pochuda ;" :)

Have a great Monday. Look, I have not fussed about Monday today. Looks like I have come out of the Monday morning syndrome. Or Have I ?


thennavan said...

Looks like you had a good "kalyana" saapppaadu. I have gone to Kuchalambal a long time back - make that 15 years :-)

Jeevan said...

Today is Teachers Day, Happy teachers day.
I expect a special post on Vinayagar Chathuthi.

GP said...

engalukku ellam eppo kalyana saappadi poda poreenga? (pinne, super-kaara sambhar saadham sappittennu sonna engalukku eppadi vayiru eriyum.. Grrrr.. pasiyai thhoondi vittutteenga..)