Monday, September 19, 2005

Why Camera Phone will be banned in your Company ??

I have always disliked owning a Camera phone (because i don't have one.. earlier i disliked owning mobile phones...:), except the fact that my dream phone is still 9500 Communicator that has a camera.

Jokes apart, I dont like the idea of having a VGA Camera on a phone, and that too on 4096 colors. Even a 1+ mega pixel camera on a mobile phone is a compromise. For a real photo experience, buy the real digi-cam... and for a real cellular phone experience, buy 9500 :)

Ok... Now on the topic. There's a breakthrough technology that just caused tremours to companies to force and think about allowing Camera phones into their premises.

"The software, developed by NEC and the Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) in Japan, goes further than existing cellphone camera technology by allowing entire documents to be scanned simply by sweeping the phone across the page."

This is it. This is just what many needed. OCR enabled Cellphones will soon be packed and shipped.. So, one guy entering the Higginbothams can ruin the future of Dan Brown. Get the point ?? I have no say for piracy.. but this one would be too much of a breach.. Whats the remedy ?? The software makers (NEC) say, that the mobile will trigger an Alarm, when the user is scanning.. thus preventing piracy. Well, who in Higginbothams is going to care if the mobile phone Alarms with a "Vaseegara" tone ...

At a distance of 20 centimeters from the document, you could scan the entire A4 sized document in 3 - 4 seconds. Besides all the piracy stuff, the technology is amazing. I appreciate the thoughts to make this software. This takes a mobile closer to a power mobile.

But as long as it evolves completely into the all powerful mobile , C100 is my partner.


tt_giant said...

hmmm.. interesting that you mention this. Because, I have seen a pen sized scanning device which can store text when one scans it on a page.

Maybe since this one comes built-in with a cell phone, its making news.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Wow, interesting.!! I am sure Higginbothams would ban them.!! Or maybe not...How long can he scan 1 page a time.!!!

For me - I like it simple, phone is for talking. So I never go for combos.

Viidya said...

wow.. i am highly intrigued by this new technology..hmm...quite interesting.

Ramo said...

Sure that we should not rush in buying whenever it comes to electronic items...

The mobile that I brought last month has drastically decreased in price and is outdated too just in 2-3 months...

Once my friend brought a high priced VCD player and with DVD's ruling now he has to buy another DVD player within a little span of time..

Jeevan said...

Ammasing to hear about that cell phone. Vasihara song good idear.

keerthi said...

deepak, i know such a device already exists.. but clubbed with a camera is like an adding power to the piece.

venkittu sir, thats a good stand. a Basic phone need to be sufficient for anyone.

viidya, yep !! iamgine, with this phone we can capture the exam paper of the student sitting on front bench..wouldnt that be a sight.

ramo, yeah.. thats a different story. My friend got a 6600 for 13.5K and the next day prices went down to 11.2K.. what a pity !!

jeevan, :)

Taruna said...

I think this is already done in most places. Like, most pharma factories I work in allow only cell phones that are just cell phones - maybe one with colored screen is allowed..and thats it!! Not just the fear of scanning...its also since in pharma industry, some bacteria (or whatever that is fermented to get medicines) reacts to a flash from the camera..(not sure how scientific this is)...anyways, we would not like to start producing advil and end up in allegra!!

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