Thursday, October 20, 2005

Aridhaaram !!

Why should Kamalhaasan make up his face like Old Kamalhaasan in Indian, when he did not look like Kamalhaasan at all ? Shankar could have easily made someone else act. Was it for the fun of doing it ? Or to get names like "I wore a make up that takes 4.5 hours everyday to apply.. and it was a complete strain".

:) I dont know.... we will get to it later. Here's something else, thats really good. I bumped into a site which did make ups for movies and television shows. And incidentally, in its Resume it had Hey Ram.

Edward French, Inc. Special Makeup FX Studio in California.(CA nna California dhaaneppa ?)

Here are pics of Kamalhaasan and Naseeruddin Shah in their faces made-up by EdwardFrench.

Make ups of Kamalhaasan in Hey Ram were extremely essential. They showed the time-switch. I remember 6 different faces in Hey Ram. They were good, and to a hardcore Kamal fan like me, it was visual treat. I still wish i have a beard like what Kamal had in Hey Ram..

But Indian ? Manasaatchiya thottu sollunga.. Sukanyavai appdi sodhappi irukka vendam.. illaya ?


iyengarkatz said...


the face may not have completely been that of kamal, but if you look closer the eyes, the smirk etc was totally kamal. plus, the body language and the style that indian thatha had was ONLY KAMAL. and that is why despite the face not being like him, the rest had to be him and thereby, only kamal could have played it. this goes for avvai shanmugi too.


keerthi said...


appdinna solreenga. I only enjoyed the expression when Old Kamal is caught .. and Young Kamal utters that word.. That gaze on Kamal's face is the only point where i liked it.

Avvai Shanmugi.. i certainly accept.. that it could be only kamal.

iyengarkatz said...


the scene with nemudi venu is pure kamal. the scene after kasthuri's death is pure kamal. the scene pachai kiligal tholodhu is pure kamal. so many instances is kamal only. look beyond the mask.


Narayanan Venkitu said...

Correct dhaan..!! bayangara Sodhappal.!! Sukanya.!! Actually I thought even Kamal was overdone in Indian..but I liked Hey Ram better.

Its amazing what all these makeup people do.!! I am trying to contact this guy to give me a face lift..!! LOL :)

By the way CA is indeed California.!

keerthi said...

iyengar, yes i did certainly look beyond the mask. My point is "The Mask" was unnecessary.. with an easy mask (like Nayagan old make up.. or some old make ups Kamal had done earlier) it would have been much better... enna sollreenga Katz.. idhukkaga ivvlo menakkeda venumaa nnu kekkaren.

venkittu sir, face liftaa ? ungalukka ? neenga erkanave aal superaa dhane irukkenga !!

iyengarkatz said...


the idea of doing the mask was to try to be more realistic using cinematic techniques. the nayagan get-up wouldn't have worked in indian for the age of the character was much younger than indian. secondly, putting on a gray haired wig and an lower tone has been done to death. take for instance nattamai and other such movies. one truly dont see any difference between the father and son except for the wig. whereas, here you really could see the physical differences too. sukanya's make-up didnt work well agreed, but dont you think this is similar to people trying to point out flaws in mumbai xpress?? one side you have people talking about how digital cinematography is going to make cinema accessible to everyman and on the other hand, they ripped mumbai xpress for the same! indian opened up indian cinema's eyes to prosthetics. it took tamil cinema to the next level. so did avvai shanmugi where thankfully you didnt see kamal shaving of his moustache and wearing a madisaar and made to look like he was totally unrecognizable. this is a small matter compared to everything as a whole.


VK said... the ad post...u asked me to look at the sony ad...which ad are u talking abt...the sony wega one ???

Anonymous said...

if it was the sony wega means that the screen is sooo thin that u can even use a jump clip on it...thats where the "new" tag is stuck...innovative la ???

VK said...

if it was the sony wega means that the screen is sooo thin that u can even use a jump clip on it...thats where the "new" tag is stuck...innovative la ???

- VK

Narayanan Venkitu said...

IIO...eppa..innadhu idhu...kannu vekkareenga..!! LOL :)!!

Jeevan said...

I like the face of Kamal in Indian thatha. Sukanya face romba surukama iruku. The site is amasing.

ada-paavi!!!! said...

enakkum kamal madri oru hay ram daadi vecchikonam nu aasai, annal valara mattengarathu :(

Raju said...

Enna appadi sollitteenga Kamal pathi (in Indian).. Senapathi vayasaana eppadi iruppar-nu make-up panni kaattiyiriundhar.. pinne eppadi vere orutharai act panna vaichirukka mudiyum?

That pic of Kamal in Hey Ram is something I havent seen.. Though I watched the movie, I dont remember him like this.. Awesome, to put it mildly.. Sukanya-vai 30 varusham kazhichu parkkumbodhu Indian-le parthadhey better-nu sonnalum solluvom!! :-)

Me too said...

Shankar aka "spend money(loads)" + Kamal aka "something different" = Indian Thatha.

Aaama, ippo enna gradual-a katchi maarara idea-le irukeengala(ore Chandramukhi puranama irukku)?

keerthi said...

iyengar, im with you.. im a hardcore Kamal fan. Im not pointing mistakes..but im just telling SHankars habit of over-doing things he likes. Like this make-up. Like the 360 degree pan view and all such stuffs. Make up in Indian was over done. Take Hey Ram.. every character were given importance to their castes.. be it the Bengal muslim or the Iyengar in the south. Even the driver is taken care.. Yes. it is a small matter. and iam not concerned about it much. It was just a thought.

VK, yes the Sony Wega Ad.. and you got it right.. :)

Venkittu sir, Kannu ellam vekkalai. Unmai. Take a compliment from me.

jeevan, i didnt.

vatsan, welcome to my world. enakku valarummnu nambikkai irukku. Aanal mulaiyileye killi erinjudaren !!

raju, It is cinema.. they could have shown him with some resemblance to Kamalhaasan. Illaya ?

aparna, Shankar's Waste of Money + Kamal's waste of effort = Indian Thatha.
che che.. appdiyellam kidayadhu.. Udal Mannukku .. Uyir kamalukku. :)

Bala (Karthik) said...

Keerthi and other readers,

To quote another hardcore Kamal bhaktahn like me,
"No other actor can even dream of doing different roles or donning multiple get-ups like Kamal. They will only end up having diarrhoea"

One way of looking at Indian thatha would indicate that the make-up was overdone. OTOH, some of us won't even notice the make-up, as our concentration is held by Kamal.

Talking about make-ups, we should mention Anbe Sivam, definitely. Check out thalaivar's hair. It appears less dense. How did he manage to pull it off? Or the Appu character in Aboorva Sagodharargal. Noticed that Appu's face appears "chubby" whereas Raja has a rather long face????

Thirayulaga Thiruvalluvarin Thiruvilayadalgalum Vettayadalum Thodarattum......

keerthi said...

bala, aaha haa !! good to see a great Kamal Fan... Join hands with me, Iyengar and quite a lot others here, who are hardcore kamal fans.

But the point is not Kamal. Yes .. i liked Kamal in Anbe Sivam. The make up in Anbe sivam as a injured man was awesome. He wore a -6 bifocal lens spectacle, and wore a +6 contact lens. Thats incredible. That face never leaves our minds. But Thatha was not looking like kamal. If he had some shade of Kamal, i would have been happy.