Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Avyukta Chips

Yes, the making of Chandramukhi on video is given with the Orinigal Soundtrack. Its good to watch. I knew ther was a making of Baba.. but it doesnt make sense to watch the making when you havent seen the movie itself. Try to watch The Making of Chandramukhi.. will be an interesting 1 hour. :)

Water Audio seems to be out, and this one is my favourite.. Rahman is concentrating more on the raagas this time. Take a listen to Bangri Marori.

Worth1000 has a contest on Corporate Logos. Amazingly stunning Photoshop works. Peek in.

Troubling news. David Copperfield announces this..

Nokia's newest takes a new web page with a stunning Flash work. Think of gifting this to me :)

For $ 2,300, this product will take you to a different TV Watching. 1 latcha roobavukku TVyaaa ???


Jeevan said...

The links are very nice, especialyy the Photshop link, the site has many Ideas.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

I loved the worth1000. Superb.!! Especially the Trojon Condom! and the tiger with the Nike logo.!!...and not to forget the Heiz Ketchup.!! Amazing work.!

VK said...

and let us know when david copperfield actually doest that

keerthi said...

jeevan, i knew you would like it :)

venkittu sir, :) Heinz Ketchup AD.. my favourite..

vk, vevagaaramana aala iruppeengalo !!

Ranganathan St. said...

neenga potta 1 latcha rooba link work aagale, its a javascript popup. But 2300 dollarukke vaaya polakkureengale. Take a look at this, just 10500 dollars thaan street price :-)

VK said...

thalaiva...nan enna sonnalum vevakarama ???
just curiosity...thats all