Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Bombay In Chennai

One Good prediction from the Weather people, few weeks back. "If it rains this time in Chennai.. It will be the one like Mumbai Rain".

If thats true, Im stranded in office at least for tonight.

Im watching from 4th floor. The sight of rain pouring down and splasing on the distant floor is awesome.

Situation Song .. Indhaanga !! (an excellent melody from June R)

Maa Mazhai Potrudhum !!! Maa Mazhai Potrudhum !!!

Update : Im now Safe at home.. after an Unsafe Drive around Chennai. Nungambakkam is flodded (as mentioned by Krithika). Water like me and my bike have never seen. My Bike changed its voice.. what used to be like Hariharan's voice became Sukhwinder singhs voice.. Lucky I got home with the bike in normal condition.


Krithiga said...

Depends on where your office is situated. Atleast Nungambakkam or Tirvanmiyur had LOTS of water. Not to forget Anna Nagar 2nd Avenue.

Raju said...

SPB sonna madhiri Mazhai aanalum aLava peyyanum.. Hope it is getting better now.. Enga veedu irukkira Madipakkam area-le paavam gundum kuzhiyuma ayirukkum.. :-( I see it is only light-raining now..

Oru technical question: How to copy and paste what I see on a comp screen? I have seen you doing it a lot so asked you.. Thanks in advance.

tt_giant said...

Romba rain venaam!. indha maasam naan anga varren..

Raju: Open your desired window and press alt+print screen. Then go to paintbrush/windows word and paste.

Keerthi: Saary for stealing your thunder.

Me too said...

Chennaila mazhai vandhalum kashtam, varattalum kashtam. Keerthi bike-kukku vicks maathirai koduthu nalla gavanichukonga!

keerthi said...

krithika, ayyayyoo .. Nungambaakkam side poyidaadheenga. Semma vellam.

raju, deepak sonna madhiri pannidunga.. avvlodhaan.

deepak, danks.

aparna, Vicks illa... dripse eththanum pola irukku.

Jeevan said...

Chennai eel oru mazhai kalam, nice to see rain in chennai.

Raju said...

Deepak and Keerthi, romba nandri.. It works.