Sunday, October 09, 2005

Clear your doubts

I got a few (More actually) calls regarding the Flat, that I posted on Saturday.

Here's to clear the maximum concerns.

  • No Water Problem in this area (So far)
  • Appx 1300 to 1600 SQFT Duplex Houses
  • Ground Floor + First Floor (Staircase from within) + Car Park
  • Prices Close to 20 L..(Subject to variations until you call and confirm)
  • 5 mins from the Railway Station - Villiwakkam
You know my number :)


ada-paavi!!!! said...

keerthi veedu vaanga porangala? chinna veeda ila periya veeda??

keerthi said...

vatsan, konjam periya veedu dhaan.. enna purinjaalum sari.

Jeevan said...

i am also searching to buy a house near adyar.

Raju said...

keerthi, romba thanks.. ippo namakku kattupadi agathu..