Sunday, October 16, 2005

Delhi, Banglore and Hyderabad Airports from Google Earth.

Click on the pictures to see the full image, and wow..

Earth looks great from up here. :)

Feel like God !!


Nopostonsundays said...

I completely agree.

Today, I found the exact location of all my friend's houses, and then, I traced them on blueprint paper, and formed a diagram of defensive tactics around the houses incase of a zombie outbreak

VK said...

But did u read abt Pres.Kalam's fear that Google earth may be used by terrorists...a valid point..dont u think ??

Jeevan said...

Nice photos, i have changed my computer from Win98 to WinXP, i will see the world soon.

Krithiga said...

When will Chennai be un"earthed". Can't wait!

Krithiga said...

And terrorists don't need Google Earth to carry on their operation. In fact terrorism has spread even before commoners like us knew what GPS was all about. Let's not fo away with great technologies like Earth because of the fear of terrorsim. Shutting down Google Earth won't put a stopper to terrorism.

keerthi said...

nopost, heh !! zombie outbreak ?

vk, yes.. i did.. But then read Krithika's comment.. :)

jeevan, let me know your experience.

krithika, Poruththaar Bhoomi ALwaar.. (in this case Bhoomi Paarppar).. and yes.. literally, you cant do much terrorism with google earth, that you can do with plain practical ideas.