Sunday, October 02, 2005

Eye Care

I've been having a severe Headache for the past few days. I've been trying to hunt down the reason, but unable to. Yesterday, an eavesdrop at Perumal Temple (Local) gave me a Light Bulb - with flickers. My Driving. :)

I already ride my Honda-Avyukta (aka Activa) with a slight complexion. Not many guys ride it. Its a girl bike. But my leg injuries prevent me from riding a dream Pulsar, besides the fact that I dont know yet, to drive a Geared vehicle. With these - i didnt want to add insult to injury and Wear a Helmet on a Ladies Bike.

But the dust and other particles (sometimes as large as 2 inch sticks) fly and fall in my eyes, while driving which is a sheer irritation. Probably this eye-tchings all these days were caused because of this.

So, put an end to it all, I was at Landmark buying a SCOTT eyegear (plain glass without frame rims).. Hopefully, my headache ends here.

So, if there's still any of you, not willing to wear a helmet.. Atleast wear eye-protection.


Narayanan Venkitu said...

watch out my friend. I know its too difficult..but I would consider arranging with an auto rickshaw guy and going by auto every day to work.

Believe me, motor cycles, dust, traffic, etc...Too much stress..Too much stress.!! ( But then at your age, I was also crazy after my Yamaha-Rx-100).!!!

tt_giant said...

Although eyewear is not as safe as a full-on helmet, if it helps in easy viewing, why not!. But take care.

Prabu Karthik said...

i thought a brainy guy would've gone for a helmet.

helmet more often than not avoids hell-met.

It saved my low value head couple of times when i did angapradhakshinam near kelly's.

so poi mudhale helmet vaangu.

what u said abt eye is true. i was riding my bikes without helmet for sometime in dusty coimbatore and as a result my eyes now look like captan vijaykanth's eyes.

so please be careful.

Jeevan said...

Like Prabu Karthik said, first buy a Helmet and dream like going in Pulsar.

Raju said...

Parthu, Keerthi.. rende rendu kanne kannunnu summava solluvanga.. namma ooru dhoosu ellam polladhadhu.. atleast goggles pottukkonga..

keerthi said...

Hello All, Ungal Karuththu Udanadiyaga Etrukkollappattu Vittadhu.

Anonymous said...

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