Monday, October 24, 2005

Goohoo !

Click picture to see the real dimension of Yahoo ! Mail Beta.

It looks closer and better compared to Outlook, doesnt it ? Well, Im never going to get out of the lovely GMail interface, but still would love to get my hands on Yahoo..

Look at my trust on GMail

With Yahoo still ruling the eMail world, and Google Talk nowhere close to replacing Yahoo messenger... Yahoo is still a tough competetor of Google.

Uuru Rendu Patta Koothadikku Kondattam.. Koothadinga rendu patta Uurukku kondaattam.


thennavan said...

Keerthi, naama enna pannanumnaa ivanukku edhiraa avan kitte kozhi mootti vidanum and likewise indha pakkamum. Appuram namma paadu kondaattam dhaan, kurangu vs. rendu poonaigal maadhiri :-)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

I am a die-hard Yahoo mail fan. But of late, I like GMAIL as well.!

Chakra Sampath said...

Like Narayanan, I am also a big fan of Yahoo, though I like GMail as well.. the reason why I still have yahoo acct as my primary email id.

btw, I checked yahoo mail only about an hour back and I didn't see this interface.

Jeevan said...

My first e-mail is on Yahoo. now alos i have touch with yahoo mail. Palaisa marraka kudatthu la.

keerthi said...

thannavan.. romba sari.. Appdi dhaan pannanum

venkittu sir, GMail will reach newer heights soon.. Await the surprise.

chakra, It is only on invite basis. Only very few have got it (Beta testingaam !! hmm) . The picture, even, is not mine.

jeevan, kareetu naina. Palasa marakkave venaam !

Ranganathan St. said...

man what a disorganized (Yahoo) mailbox, 42580 mails in one folder :O.

Seriously AJAX based webmails is a lot more faster than the conventional ones. I haven't changed any of my current subscriptions due to it, but like to test the hell out of the new version. I have posted my (amateurish) view of the Hotmail's venture in my blog. So far I should say, it is pretty slick compared to my other email accounts (at Yahoo and Gmail).