Friday, October 14, 2005

Late Ayutha Pooja

It is usual for most of the people who celebrate Ayutha Pooja 1 week after the festival is gone. Mostly it happens with the Auto Guys. I dont know the primary reason. But I guess they make some collections sort ot things, and together they gather with their families and stage a huge Music Box and celebrate in style.

Autos will be decorated in all possible ways.. Sandhanam will be spattered and lots of designer elements.. ranging from baloons to Thoranams. Then they dance together.. distribute sweets.. most of them Rajini fans, and for sure there is a uprise when "Naaan Auto Kaaran ! Auto Kaaran.." song from Batcha..

Then they take their family for a ride, and they go like a parade on road. They seem to celebrate.

I think the spirits of the festival is now only with a very few people. Many others see no time for it. People see Ayutha Pooja and many other fesivals as just another holiday. They die in spirits and lie on their back-packs and empty the day even without celebrating. See if i sound very mean here.. "People now have more craze on Valentine's day, than Diwali". Add "Some" or "many" in the front, depending on your perception.

Im running a serious battle. Im planning to celebrate Pongal this time very differently. Atleast make my neighbours notice it. Join me ???


monu said...

i wash my vehicle on ayutha pooja..we made the kid next door write for vijayadasamai...and interesting pooja for me.....i think most people do..ayutha pooja is the only day in the whole year some people like me wash their vehicles....

thennavan said...

Aayudham edu
Aanavam sudu
Theeppandam edu
Theemaiyai sudu
Irulai eriththu vidu

Yezhaikkum vaazhvukkum irukkindra Idaiveli kuraiththu
Nilai niruththu
Adi kottaththil vittathai
Sattaththin vattaththai udaiththu

Kaatukkul nuzhaikire kaatredhuvum
Kaalani edhuvum anivathillai
Aayiram ilaingnarkal thunindhu vittaal
Aayudham edhuvum thaevaiyillai

Oh yuva yuva oh yuva...


keerthi said...

:D .. Monu, me washed my bike too.. but took it bak to dirt after taking it on a ride , on the same very rainy day. Hmm..

thennavan, "Kanavugal Vella Kaariyam thunai !!" (my line - my life)... seema song ba !