Sunday, October 16, 2005

MSM and Blogs

Why we bloggers cannot become main stream media, is because we depend on one or more Mainstream Media for Content.


Venkat said...

Totally agree with you, and it's also perhaps because we are far too subjective, opinionated and irregular. Mainstream media demands ratings and the like - we (as far as I know) are not interested in monetary benefits for our content and only discuss things which we find interesting.

We are not an organisation, we are people expressing our points of view on matters we feel important.

That I feel, is the main difference.

ada-paavi!!!! said...

super comment punch dilague frm keerthi eh?

Jeevan said...

nice thatuvam

keerthi said...

venkat, you seem to share my thought. :)

vatsan, punch ellam illappa !! subtle truth.

jeevan, ada nambungappa.. thathuvaum illa .. punch dialogue um illa.

Raju said...

How about all bloggers receiving daily news from PTI?

thennavan said...

Summaa "nach"nu irukku "Keerthi Murasu", summaa "nach"nu irukku :-)

tt_giant said...

I dont think blogs are meant to become main stream media. At the best, its opinionated. But thats fun too!. I would say, individual posts can qualify for being columns in MSM, but "see this: this is called compootar" kind of news won't do good.

iyengarkatz said...


i was just commenting on the same to a friend of mine over the weekend. blogs are nothing more than personal columns at most and like others have expressed contains personal opinions that is always subjective in nature.

besides, the mainstream media to a large extent still works on old journalistic principles and techniques.

blogs cannot replace the mainstream media for it is primarily only the disseminator of news, not the creator of it like mainstream media.


keerthi said...

raju, heh !! adha dhaane koodadhunnu sollren.

thennavan, adhellam irukkattum. whats your opinion on this.

deepak, :) Thats the max we can do.. "see this: this is called compootar" seems to be like my kid of news ;P

iyengar, replace !! Chancey illa. Personal opinions will spoil the news. Blogs are only for surfers.. to get a different news or different view of a news.

thennavan said...

Keerthi, one major difference is that bloggers are individuals. MSMs are corporates/syndicates/oraganizational forms. There will be a major difference to technology investments, news gathering, analysis, getting information tips and dissemination when you look at this aspect alone. Not to mention several other things like credibility (based on the history and culture of such establishments) and the fact that the common man is not going around carrying a laptop to get his news :-)