Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Semma Mazhai !!

I will not go to office today. Well, Not many people will. And people in office better stay there. We lost all roads, and it will be a while before we sight it again. Its all flooded all the way !! My Phone line is not working, but Braodband is working ( i still wonder how.. ). SMS is not going out. Power goes off and comes back, periodically.

Guys, chennai is back to those Cyclone days, which we missed for a few years.


Ranganathan St. said...

It's been 21 years(hope you remember the 1984 cyclone) since I've heard such heavy rains in Chennai. good, vara summer'ku thanni lorry pinnadi oda vendam :-)

Ranganathan St. said...

sorry for the second post ^:)^

enna romba naala Odeo'la updates'aye kaanum?

Chakra Sampath said...

Great to hear that!

Anonymous said...

This would be the ridiculous thing to happen.A declared holiday when rain lashes the city.
Why is the city not prepared for any calamity ? It simply infers that the sanitation system is not equipped to handle the deluge.Will the water be stored until next rainy season to handle the summer or just let the water drain to sea and people endup having a pot of water once in 3 days during summer?? Rain water harvesting-But how efficiently been followed at residential neighborhoods ?

Again the reliefs now are short term temporary reliefs and no permanant solution be drawn to handle such situation..I would call it an yearly affair for politicians to start a fresh bout of blows and criticism to the opposition on relief operations and the saga contines..

Nothing would happen..and i justed wasted time commenting here..huh


Narayanan Venkitu said...

Feel sad..!! Hope life gets back to Normal. We need the rains though.!!

Shameful - We knew what happened in Bombay and yet our ASS***E politicians and stupid policy makers and MettiOli Public and Chandramukhi Press ....never thought about all this.!! Any plans..?? No..!! So, we have to pay the price.!

God bless.!!!

Me too said...

For once the forecasters are right, huh? I remember your earlier post which said "One Good prediction from the Weather people, few weeks back. 'If it rains this time in Chennai.. It will be the one like Mumbai Rain' ". Take care.

keerthi said...

hi hi hi.. Ranganathan St, 1984 la enakku 1.5 vayasu.. nyways, vara summer will be problem free.. as you said. And ODEO.. dont you get email songs from me ?

chakra, yes. water problem is now on a different shape. Water illadhadhanala problem appo. ippo water irukkaradhaala problem.

KK, Calamity - by definition is something that strikes when you are not prepared. Yet, I agree with all your points.

venkittu sir, now back to normal.

aparna, yeah. Looked like mumbai rain yesterday. But what a boring day.