Wednesday, October 12, 2005

So much of things happening on the Blogosphere. You Know what it is.

Now there are a few protests that are highly intense against one B-School. It didnt catch me on first as it was something completely unrelated to me. Me and B-Schools are like Me and Bars. But then when Gaurav Sabnis resigned his IBM Job .. that hit my nerve. I cant imagine such a thing happening to me. Bless my un-popularity.

Dramatic changes in days. I can visualize the Blogs getting more responsible, and the strength of Bloggers increasing in magnitude. You would have seen Protests initiated by Venkittu Sir, and many other fellow bloggers about the moral policing. You saw how the Banglore Mugging incident got justice, for which a very good exposure was a reason.

Its only a small period of time left... The Blogosphere will form a part of the Main Stream Media.


Jeevan said...

It shows all bloggers are very respons on socity.

tt_giant said...

Its heartening to see so much support and response.

But blogs becoming main stream media??. I doubt it. Main stream media "supposedly" has a small matter of editing and fact-checking. Blogging is more of "have-compooter, will-type" attitude (atleast till now).

DontheCat said...

Came here thru a ref from Naani (Venkittu)with whom I went to collge.

Btw, I share your views that blogs can make quite a difference. After the park incident, renowed journalist Shobha Warrier wrote an article on Rediff, which I considered brainless and very ridiculing of Chennai. So I called Rediff and expressed my displeasure. I also posted it on Rediff as a comment to her post.

I told Rediff that it just requires Chennai bloggers to take umbrage at SW's post and start a campaign against her. I guess Rediff didn't take me seriously. So, I blogged it. a search on "Shobha Warrier" Googlke retuns by post at the top just after her Rediff article. Quirk of fate ? Or just some clever us of search engine algos. :-)

I saw I Love Madras on your site, You should read my post and Shobha's too. Do send Rediff a stinker if you feel that SW has insulted the city...

keerthi said...

jeevan. :).. yeah.. hopefully.

deepak, you are right.. it takes time to evolve. but i have a hope that it will.

muralikrishnan, thanks for coming here. Yes. I read what Shoba Warrior wrote. Will tkae it up and put a post as well as send emails to rediff.