Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Spy Games

Do you have any idea, what Gizmo features this post.. the picture you see here.. ? This is a Camera-On-Wheels :) Also called as "Govindaaa Govindaa, GooooooVindaa !!"

This Cam-on-wheel can be controlled by the joystick on your mobile, after you have rolled it down on the floor. It could transmit images from any room, with floors. Technology is powered by Bluetooth, and hence the distance simply wouldnt matter.

Sony Ericsson's ROB-1, this, can transmit streaming video from about 50 meteres away from the phone. It has on-board memory, so USB can help it transfer contents to your PC.

I simply can't imagine, where things are going to end. Why is it that I cant think of anything positive, when I look at amazing technologies like this ? Probably because, too much of necessity is called Luxury and too much of Luxury is called Potential Danger...


Prabu Karthik said...

keerthi, danger technology laya irukku?
Namma makkal mind thaan danger ba

Jeevan said...

First saw the photo and think it will be a cooker. cam-on-wheel good technology.

WA said...

Totally agree with you Keerthi, a lot of people will use it for wrong things

Ambi said...

Well said Keethi. I am with you when I read your posting. Why am I not thinking how this can be used in case of a tragedy, hijack etc., Are we not thinking postively?

Raju said...

I think it has a lot of potential for 'good use'. I can imagine its use for (a) monitoring ailing children while doing some other work (b) some parallel processing/multitasking.. If people use it for wrong things, kali muthiduchunnu artham.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Can be put to several good and bad uses.!!

Interesting concept though...I like it.!!

For some reason, the scene in the Mal. film 'Chanakyan' where kamal guides a toy car?? to explode in the podium.!! comes to mind.!! Don't know why.!!!

keerthi said...

pk, adhuvum vaasthavam dhaan.

jeevan, thats a different look.. Correct.. now it looks like a cooker to me.

uma, hmmm... idhai thadukka vazhiye illaya.. Kulla narigalin sadhigal perugividume..

ambi, exactly. The news that we read everyday cooks our mind. Right now we cannot simply take the positive side of it.

gp (raju), :) Kali muthi azhugi innum ennennamo nadandhuduthhu.

venkittu sir, adhaan sonnen. Namma cinemavileyum Technologies ellam villain use pannra madhiri dhaan kaamikkaraanga.