Monday, October 10, 2005

The Weapon Festival

This Voodoo Knife Rack has nothing to do with the post....

Happy Ayutha Pooja.

I am not very sure about the origins of the festival.. But I am happy it existed, for the holiday Im enjoying today. Tomorrow is Saraswathi Pooja (or) Vijaya Dasami.

We, at our home, used to keep all my school books in front of the Pooja Rack and Wow.. What a day ? God's way of telling.. "You neednt study. Take a break..". Then after the pooja is over we have to study for 10 mins, sitting in front of the Gods.

Ayutha Pooja was even happier because, I used to go along with my dad to Lucas-TVS. For those who dont know, Lucas-TVS is a part of the TVS group operating from Padi. They manufacture Starters for Cars. But most of all, the food they used to provide .. is divine. "Wheels India" a part of the TVS group was once called "Meals India" just because of the quality of food they provide to their employees. Ayutha Pooja is a chance for the employees family to taste their food. There are also special celebrations there.. They give big gifts for this occasion, varying from some Eversilver item to a suitcase. Ice Cream was a special attraction.

Now we cant expect every company to do that. My company gave one pack of Shri Krishna Sweets - Thirupathi Laddu (Good attempt from these guys.. tastes close to a original Thirupathi Laddu).

Then there's this usual cleaning bikes and cars and making them look like new. With all the rain that showered yesterday, my Honda Avyukta (Activa) looks like a old Lambretta scooter. Pchch.


Ram.C said...

LOL.. about the picture..

Hope it is a holiday there... enjaaii

VK said...

even i used to go to LUCAS TVS with my uncle who used to work out there...when i heard abt ayudha pooja i got reminded of it and when i read ur blog....i got reminded of the food too...good memories for a change !!!

keerthi said...

ram.C, yeppie yeppie yep !!! holi holi holiday ... ye yey yeah !!

vk, appdiya ?? vk endha area ?

thennavan said...

Aayudham seivom
Nalla kaakidham seivom
Aalaigal vaippom
Kalvichchaalaigal vaippom


H A P!

Jeevan said...

Happy Ayutha Pooja.

We also celebrat Ayutha pooja, we have a maruthi mechanical shop so we put poojas for cars and bikes, very happy day

VK said...

@Keerthi - Me originally from Arumbakkam(Ch 106)...rite now am in NY,USA

Krithiga said...

Yes, more than the 'pay due respects to your everyday gadgets', it's the Holiday that makes me rejoice. 5 days off!!!

keerthi said...

mukundan, andha paattuleye enakku pudichcha vari "Palli thalam anaiththum Kovil Seyyuvoom !" H A P to you too.

jeevan, thanks and STY. Wow .. Maruthi Mechanic shoppa.. appo pori.. saathukudi ellam unde !!

vk, arumbakkam.. pakkam dhaan. Naan Villiwakkam.. will be in NY soon... (chumma sonnen :)

krithika, 5 days.. too much !! actually for the rain on Monday morning, i wish my Office declared a holiday like how my school used to.. hmm.